Screaming Bees, Kevin Garnett & Joe Rogan Self-Suck | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

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Published on 15 Nov 2021, 2:01
Bees scream when attacked by giant hornets, Kevin Garnett opens up in GQ about his favorite movie ("Serendipity"), and the Carmelo Anthony/La La incident, and Joe Rogan claims he's "super-flexible" and can go down on himself.


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DESUS & MERO, the Bronx’s very own, reconnected online in the early days of Twitter, where they unleashed their potent personalities and found themselves kindred spirits. That led to stints on Complex and MTV, the Bodega Boys podcast, and a daily late-night show on Viceland, developing a feverish following. The quick-witted duo brings a distinct voice to late night, delivering smart and comedic commentary on any and all topics, that keeps audiences buzzing. DESUS & MERO continue to host their Bodega Boys podcast.
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