The Red Slipper Murder Case

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29.12.21 – 208 9248:44
How They Were Caught: Ed Kemper
142 days – 34 9041:01
We hunted Bigfoot
Published on 22 Dec 2021, 19:15

Thanks to the Wyandot County Historical Society & Museum!


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Camden Massacre
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Singer Bing Crosby
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People Viewing King Tut Mask
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Animal Skeletons At The Royal College Of Surgeons, Westminster, London, 1911
Heritage Images/Getty Images
Measuring a Coelacanth
Bettmann/Getty Images
Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Frederic Lewis/Getty Images
University Library
Archive Photos/Getty Images
Atomic Energy Lesson
FPG/Getty Images
Diamond Crown
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Ax from freighter Pomona, suspected murd
Don Cravens/Getty Images
Exhibit A
Three Lions/Getty Images
Sorbonne Lecture
Keystone/Getty Images
Coroner's Office Worker Preparing Autopsy Report
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Several dolls on a shelf of an old house in dramatic lighting,
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Ascending Trucking Forward Aerial Drone Shot of a Pair of Tire Tracks Running through a Desert Plain in Utah under a Clear, Blue Sky at Sunset/Sunrise
Hoptocopter/Getty Images
Drone aerial footage of an uncut hayfield in Virginia.
Cameron Davidson/Getty Images
Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman resigns
ITN/Getty Images
Rolf Harris named as entertainer arrested over sex abuse allegations
ITN/Getty Images
Man Holding Hatchet With Blood
hoozone/Getty Images
A Shoemaker at Work in John Lobb Shop in London
Viacom Media Networks/Getty Images
man take journey with the old suitcase
wanetza/Getty Images
Dakota Wesleyan University - Aerial View - South Dakota, Davison County, United States
SkyworksFootage/Getty Images
Staff Working in News of the World Newsroom
Sky News/Film Image Partner/Getty Images
B/W 1960's close up of reporter's hand writing on pad of paper / SOUND
Petrified Films - Footage/Getty Images
MS Shot of bedside table or nightstand, on it are telephone, clock, cigarettes, ashtray
Warner Bros. Studios/Getty Images
HBO/Getty Images
B/W close up male photographer taking photograph with camera
Magnum Video Collection/Getty Images
MONTAGE a crew prints a local newspaper / UK / Hands place article on keyboard / worker types at typeset machine / row of type slides into tray / printer places paper sheet over type / printer lowers cover and slides print bed into press / eagle lever
BFI HD Collection/Getty Images
POV push-in - An attendant removes a cadaver from a morgue compartment. / USA
Discovery Access/Getty Images

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