The True Story Behind "Scream"

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20.01.22 – 175 61710:42
The Tragic Death of Brittany Murphy
134 days – 78 98312:27
The Dark Side of P.T. Barnum
Published on 14 Jan 2022, 18:00
For this episode of True Story Behind, we discuss the tragic events that loosely inspired the movie Scream, experiment with cosplay, and go over some film trivia

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Chris O'Meara/AP
Quiet Corridor
Michelle Rasali / EyeEm/Getty Images
Midsection Of Woman With Stained Hand
Chay Chay Sae Hêng / EyeEm/Getty Images
Isolated black handgun
ACLU of Southern California Bill of Rights Dinner
Lindsay Brice/Getty Images
Cassette Tape
Daniel Allan/Getty Images
Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering, Organized crime, Bulk cash smuggling
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Winter silhouette
Edward Crawford/Getty Images
Florida State Prison
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policeline do no cross at garden house
Joos Mind/Getty Images
On the set of The Fly
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On the set of The Brood
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On the set of Halloween
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Mug Shots of Edward Lewis Humphrey
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Never waking nightmare
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Pools of blood
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Murder Case Interface
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Gainesville, Florida, Exterior View
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Single newspaper tear - on white
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Crime Scene at Residential Home
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The Blob
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"Ever After" Los Angeles Premiere
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Crime scene 3
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5Th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards Drew Barrymore Pho
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Michael Myers In 'Halloween'
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Anguished Univ. of FL students sitting o
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Anguished Univ. of FL students carrying
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Large floral wreath in front of Univ. of
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Overall of Univ. of FL students lolling
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Exterior of Late Night Library on campus
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Tracy Paules [Misc.]
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Manny Taboada [Misc.]
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Christina Powell
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people icons
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Bloody knife placed in evidence bag
Kevin Fryklund Cinematography/Getty Images
Murderer Male hand with a big knife
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bottle of white vinegar
new look casting/Getty Images
Researcher at work in DNA genetic laboratory: coronavirus test for Covid
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Panning Video of Tent Campsite with Trees in Lowcountry South Carolina
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Judge Using The Gavel
kemalbas/Getty Images
Flying into a pill bottle: concept
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Close-up human hand holding bloody knife
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Bloody hand.
Arisara_Tongdonnoi/Getty Images
Deadbolt Lock
RichLegg/Getty Images
Woman running away from attacker.
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desaturated gun and shot black background
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Louisiana from USA States
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Blood test laboratory equipment
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Walking through the mist
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Abstract Realistic Film maske
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Changing channels
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Camera Cranes in Concert
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Woman sitting at a table in the living room phoning on the telephone with a cordless telephone
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Murder in the woods 4K
South_agency/Getty Images
WIDE SHOT two pairs of Black and Caucasian male hands resting on prison cell bars
Yellow Dog/Getty Images
Police Arresting drugs dealer
LukaTDB/Getty Images
CU of man answering a call and hanging up
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Arlington National Cemetery in Spring Single Grave with Flower
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Computer keyboard DE INF
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Police car close-up
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