The Killer at 10 Rillington Place • Building A Case

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An Unwanted Guest | Horror Short
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I saw the ghost of my twin #shorts
Published on 26 Jan 2022, 19:00
A case about a London-based serial killer who lived and murdered at his place of residency of at Rillington Place.
Miniature Maker / Producer: Carol Rasaphangthong


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John Christie
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Nine Month Old Sitting Baby
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Rillington Place London
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No. 10 Rillington Place
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Scene Of Christie's Arrest
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John Reginald Christie
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Ruth Fuerst
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Notting Hill Murders
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John Christie
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John Christie
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Timothy Evans
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Courtroom Jury Seats Dolly Shot
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Judge Strikes Gavel Three Times In Courtroom Close Up
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The shadow of prison bars. The door closes
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Evans hanged for the wrong crime
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Judge's Gavel and Scale of Justice | 4K
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Old drugstore bottles, candlelight
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Vintage Medical Surgery
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