The Cursed Movie That Killed 7 Actors

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Published on 26 Feb 2022, 16:00
Aria ( flips open the script to "Atuk," a supposedly cursed film linked to the deaths of several notable Hollywood actors. Watch Aria curse himself during a live performance of the entire film next Wednesday on Twitch:


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Northern Lights also known as aurora, borealis or polar lights at cold night over igloo village. Beautiful night photo of magic nature of winter landscape
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19th century, Asian costumes (Russia), hand-colored wood engraving, published c.1880
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Old engraved illustration of An Eskimo and his dogs, Eskimo feed their husky dogs with fishes
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Old engraved illustration of Life of Inuit, group of indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.
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Old engraved illustration of Ethnology
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Antique illustration of Greenland Eskimo people
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Laplander in reindeer sleigh Aurora Borealis from 1880 journal
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