Do Disney Parks Hide Deaths?

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Published on 11 Jun 2022, 15:00
Matt takes a look at several conspiracy theories aimed at the House of Mouse.


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Film Producer Walt Disney, 1951
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Portrait Of Walt Disney
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(Aanheim) One killed and eight others are injuried Friday September 5, 2003 at Disneyland's Big Thu
Don Kelsen/Getty Images
Disneyland Resort Paris
Walt Disney Working in his Studio
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Walt Disney and Family Posing on Deck
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Walt Disney Drawing
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Disney Makes A Point
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Walt And Family
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Patterned paper texture background
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1947 B/W HUAC hearing, Walt Disney testifying / Washington, D.C., United States
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Strict female detective persuading criminal to sign a deal to be police informer
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The man-made gear inside of Automatic traditional device to crush with Interior of a dutch windmill at bad weather, Wooden construction rolling and grinding, High angle panning view.
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Cryosleep Tank With Hand Moving On Spaceship
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The New York Times Building
Disneyland Reopens In California After Being Closed For More Than A Year
Los Angeles Times Video/Getty Images
Old Alarm Clock
Chuck and Sarah Fishbein/Getty Images
FBI Headquarters on a clear May day in 2017.
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The New York Times Building.
Disney Studios
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Industrial ship sailing on the ocean
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Steadicam: Coronavirus: Inside London's West End Theatre's During Lockdown
Mark Case/Getty Images
Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort in California
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Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Resort in California
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Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure Park in California
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Woman Whispering Something.
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oblique view of the entrance to the fbi building in washington, d.c.
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people travelling in shanghai disney
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1921 Bewildered man (Buster Keaton) decides to direct bedsheet ghosts like traffic
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Emergency Biohazard Leak
guy113/Getty Images
1963 girl and nanny wave goodbye from departing train window
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1969 Disneyland. parade with Donald Duck
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Walt Disney signs distribution deal with RKO Pictures in Hollywood
Grinberg, Paramount, Pathe Newsreels/Getty Images
Disneyland Park at Anaheim, CA
WW NEWS/Getty Images
Disneyland Park at Anaheim, CA
WW NEWS/Getty Images
Disneyland Park at Anaheim, CA
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Matterhorn Ride at Disneyland in Anaheim
Nexstar - KTLA, Los Angeles/Getty Images
Business woman and deeds
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Cryogenics Testing in Arizona
Onyx Media, Llc - Footage/Getty Images
AERIAL WS View of Disney from above clouds / Florida, United States
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B/W 1927 tilt up newspapers coming out of printing press into stack / man grabs them / newsreel
Film Audio Services/Getty Images
Wide shot Tray sitting on empty hospital bed in hospital room/ Panama City, Panama
Pigeon Productions Inc./Getty Images
close up of Grim Reaper looking around
MGM Library/Getty Images
Disney's "Frozen" Musical Takes Over Covent Garden
Giorgia Young/Getty Images
Parade and performance at the Magic Kingdom, Orlando Disney park
WW NEWS/Getty Images
Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort in California
Christian Ender/Getty Images
Tourists gathering in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue at the Magic Kingdom
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