Can A Noob Memorize All 898 Pokemon In 2 days?

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Published on 29 Jun 2022, 19:00
Can a guy who grew up without Pokemon memorize all 898 of them in 48 hours? Good thing Tucker (@tucker.iverson) did this challenge before Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were fully released.

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College students taking test in classroom
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Father and son having a staring contest
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Portrait male graduate in cap and gown with diploma with father
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Businessmen fighting in street
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Lucky day
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Business executives in meeting, man interrupting with knock on glass
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Evcavator and dump truck
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Blank paper on desk
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Elderly Man Talking To Doctor About Test Results
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Newspaper unemployment ahead financial crisis
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Funny Children With Empty Blackboard
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Cloud speech bubble icon Simple illustration of cartoon speech bubble
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Group of happy senior friends tourists standing in city port, talking.
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Thought bubble on the black background. Infographic design
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Meeting on the phone
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CU Boy working on math equation with marker on glass/ New York City
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Medium shot boy in super hero costume standing on pedestal and pretending to fly
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Boy hit in head by dodgeball during game and falling down / New York
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WS DS Woman speaking on stage to audience / South Orange, New Jersey, USA
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MS Professional football coach giving motivational speech to team before game
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Elementary school students running towards school
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In the Evening Heartbroken Girl Sitting on a Sofa, Crying, Using Tissues, Eating Ice Cream and Watching Drama on TV. Her Room is in Mess.
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An animation depicts the electrical impulses and messages of the human central nervous system.
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SLO MO Young man blowing a smoke
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Frustrated senior businessman feeling stressed at work
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4K RT Man standing on mountain and raising arms towards sunrise sky.
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Primary School Teacher working with students in Classroom
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Moisture drips from the roof of a lava tube.
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Matted doodle animation
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Daddy, can you do ten push up with me on top.
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Young woman goes skydiving for the first time. (audio)
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CU of young girl yawning as she works on her online homework.
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Babies are like little suns that in a magical way bring warmth into our lives
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Silhouettes of a man helping a woman climbing up at sunset.
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Animation of the activity of neurons and synapses. Neural connections in outer space, radioactivity, neurotransmitters, brain, axons. Electrical impulses transmitting signals. Mind concept.
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Animation pink loading bar with Alpha channel. 0-25 percent. Loading circle animation on black background. Download Page. 4k
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MRA Brain or Magnetic resonance angiography of the brain axial MIP view showing cerebral artery
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Neuronal and Synapse Activity animation showing chemical messengers or neurotransmitters released. Neurons showing neuroactivity, synapses, neurotransmitters, brain, axons.
Alex Mullen
James Raiz