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11 Nov 2015
22 days 0:34
Enjoy Dance Dash with VIVE UItimate Trackers! πŸ•Ί
Get in that exercise with VIVE Ultimate Trackers, VIVE XR Elite, and Dance Dash! Try out this incredibly fun VR dancing game today. #vr #vrdancing #dancedash
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17 days 0:09
Getting ready for Lunar New Year.🧧
What do you want to see more of in the Year of the Dragon? Let us know below!πŸ‰ #newyear2024 #yearofthedragon #2024
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8 days 1:00
Rock is Life πŸͺ¨
Ever just want to be a rock? πŸͺ¨ Rock Life, the easygoing rock simulator. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature as you live, do, and experience the life of a rock! 🏞️
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15 days 0:20
Start the Year of the Dragon with a mighty VIVE XR Elite! πŸ‰
Should we unleash our super-sized VIVE XR Elite over at HQ?" #vr #virtualreality #vfx
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17 days 0:41
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7 days 0:51
Bring 3D characters to life in VRChat! πŸ”₯
What would your character be? Avatar credits for Belai Bunny go to Ghostt on Gumroad Avatar credits for Mech go to #vrchat #fullbodytracking #vfx
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4 days 4:40
How to Get the Most Out of VRChat with VIVE Ultimate Tracker
Full-body tracking in VRChat is a game-changer! Find out how you can use HTC VIVE's standalone VR trackers to do even more with your avatar.
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23 days 2:34
How to Setup The VIVE Ultimate Trackers With VIVE XR Elite (Full Tutorial Walkthrough)
Get a step-by-step walkthrough from Madeline on setting up VIVE Ultimate Trackers with the VIVE XR Elite. Start using HTC VIVE’s first self-tracking trackers in 5 quick steps!
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24 days 0:40
The 3 Most Asked Questions About The VIVE Ultimate Trackers πŸ’­
Get the answers to your most pressing VIVE Ultimate Tracker questions. We discuss the new tracker's compatibility with other VR headsets, what games are supported by it, and its battery life.
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9 days 0:15
Choose your mixed reality desktop setup. πŸ–₯️
Check out the VIVE Desk beta and experience maximum productivity. Switch between multiple screen setups to have your layout the way you want it. Learn more on our Discord!
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28 days 0:35
Show off your moves with full-body tracking in VR! πŸ•Ί
Move your virtual arms, legs, and more with utmost precision thanks to the VIVE Ultimate Tracker's stellar inside-out tracking.
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20 days 1:46
VIVE Education - Setting up VIVE Ultimate Tracker with VIVE Focus 3
Learn how to connect the dongle to the headset using the USB extension cable and cable fastener. We’ll also show you what to do before using the tracker with VIVE Focus 3.
29 days 0:42
Hone your soccer skills in VR ⚽
Check out how we used our VIVE Ultimate Trackers in REZZIL SKILLSHOT to practice making goals with a virtual soccer ball! #vr #virtualreality #fullbodytracking
16 days 0:22
Lunar New Year Behind The Scenes 🎞️
Check out how we made that last animation! In the spirit of Lunar New Year, we chose to render a yuanbao. Also known as a sycee, it's a festive symbol of prosperity.
17 days 0:55
21 day 0:39
Dive into the VIVE Ultimate Tracker's specs!
Dive into the VIVE Ultimate Tracker's specs! Explore the features of HTC VIVE's first inside-out VR tracker, and learn more about what makes it perfect for full-body tracking.
2 days 3:07
Your TOP 8 Questions About VIVE Ultimate Trackers ANSWERED!
Do the VIVE Ultimate Trackers work with third-party headsets? Yes, they do! Get answers to your important questions about VIVE Ultimate Trackers from Madeline in this FAQ video.
14 days 0:21
Lunar New Year colors hit differently πŸ§§πŸŒ™
Should we unleash our super-sized VIVE XR Elite over at HQ?" #vr #virtualreality #vfx
1 day 0:37
Build in mixed reality with Spacefolk City!πŸ‘½
Explore the world of Spacefolk City with VIVE XR Elite's brilliant, high-resolution passthrough. #vr #virtualreality #mixedreality
24 days 1:51
New Game Release on VIVEPORT | The Events At Unity Farm (Early Access)
Adventure, dark fantasy and a dash of steampunk, The Events At Unity Farm is a fresh take on Open World VR. Use your ancestral power to cast spells, overcome undead evils and merciless bosses.
12 days 25:51
Unlocking Adventure: Diablo Escapes VR Experience
Experience the ultimate escape with Diablo Escapes VR! Dive into a world where virtual reality meets puzzle-solving excitement like never before.
27 days 22:12
The Future of Entertainment: Exploring the Intersection of VR and Family Fun
Join us for a compelling conversation with Todd Mansell, the Chief Operating Officer of Cinergy Entertainment, recorded at the Vive Theater, brought to you in partnership with HTC.
13 days 21:40
Revolutionizing VR Experiences: An Interview with Leif Petersen from Hologate
Join us in this exclusive interview with Leif Petersen, the visionary behind Hologate, as he shares insights into the world of virtual reality and its impact on the entertainment industry.
7 hours 3:15
VIVERSE for Business: Spatial Collaboration Platform
VIVERSE for Business unlocks the potential of spatial collaboration for your organization. Create a fully customized 3D virtual space and review highly detailed 3D models using any device.
4 days 27:59
Vive Xr Elite Fitness Promotion
Take a VR fitness journey with me as we explore the 5 awesome mind and body fitness titles that are included with the VIVE XR Elite for a limited time.
4 hours 1:00
What Mythical Creature Would You Sculpt in VR? 🐲
Shapelab lets you create detailed organic props, 3D characters, and other assets for applications, games, and virtual worlds. #vr #virtualreality #sculpting
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