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5 Dec 2007
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Learn on the go with the Microsoft Viva Learning mobile app
Make your learning and growth a priority - even if you're constantly on the go. Access diverse libraries of learning content and features from your mobile device with the Viva Learning mobile app.
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A day in the life with Visio
See how you can visualize anything using Visio.
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14 days 20:47
Microsoft Teams Premium
In this episode of Inside Microsoft Teams, John Gruszczyk walks us through the new Teams Premium add-on and shows how Teams Premium can help make every meeting from 1:1s to town halls, virtual
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4 days 6:06
Introduction to Insta360 | Inside Microsoft Teams
In this episode, we feature the Insta360 webcam. Its ability to be a webcam, whiteboard cam, and overhead cam separates it from many of its competitors.
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10 days 0:30
Search for ready-made templates in Microsoft Whiteboard
To learn more, visit the Whiteboard product page: or the Whiteboard support site
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Connect with your team using templates in Microsoft Whiteboard
To learn more, visit the Whiteboard product page: or the Whiteboard support site
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Microsoft Create: The gear you need for an at-home video recording studio
Get the inside scoop on putting together a pro-level at-home video recording studio from an expert in the video content creation game. Start putting together your new video recording studio.
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Kickstart your next meeting with template search in Microsoft Whiteboard
To learn more, visit the Whiteboard product page: or the Whiteboard support site
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Microsoft Create: 6 easy hacks to go live on social media with no fear
Don't let the fear of going live on social media stop you from accomplishing your goals. Here are six easy tips to keep you comfortable on camera and in front of live viewers.
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18 days 4:26
Microsoft Create: 10 hooks to explode your video views on social media
Without a gripping and enticing hook at the start of your video, you run the risk of viewers scrolling past your content. Here are ten hooks to draw viewers in and pay attention.
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S6 E1 - Western Lakes FD: Situational awareness with drones and Microsoft Teams
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is a little town about 2 hours north of Chicago with a population of 15k.
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10 Years of Microsoft 365
10 years and still growing with you every day.
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Inside Mechanics - Ignite 2022 Wrap-Up
In this episode, we sit with Microsoft Mechanics host Jeremy Chapman to discuss the top announcements from Microsoft Ignite across Teams, Office, Azure, Surface, and more.
4 days 23:54
Working with Polling and Approvals in Microsoft Teams | Feature Focus with Microsoft MVPs: S6-3
For our latest MVP Feature Focus, Vesa Nopanen walks us through a great way to get real-time feedback from your audience with Microsoft Teams polls and Sharon Sumner takes us step-by-step through
10 days 16:25
Co-organizer Transcription and Translation Features | Feature Focus with Microsoft MVPs: S6-2
In this Feature Focus, Nikki Chapple walks us through the set-up and use of the co-organizer feature and Paul Robichaux takes us through the transcription and translation features which support 26+
3 days 18:07
Fostering Diversity and Inclusion with Microsoft Teams | Feature Focus with Microsoft MVPs: S6-4
In this Feature Focus, Heather Severino walks us through the NEW Microsoft Whiteboard focusing on how to allow multiple people to work simultaneously.
1 day 17:28
Microsoft Teams EDU and Approvals in Teams | Feature Focus with Microsoft MVPs: S6-5
In our 5th Feature Focus of Inside Microsoft Teams, Laurent Carlier shares best practices for using Microsoft Teams for EDU and Fátima Blancas shows us how to configure approvals in Teams.
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