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5 Dec 2007
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Microsoft Create: A month of video ideas for your small business
Create videos that entertain your followers and expand your clientele. Use these 30 video ideas to help grow your small business.
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Microsoft Create: Seven no-face content ideas
You can still create engaging content for your followers without even showing your face. Check out these seven no-face content ideas for when you’re feeling camera-shy.
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Microsoft Create: 6 practical ways to use ChatGPT
Read about how to use ChatGPT to make everyday life a little easier.
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Microsoft Create: How to use ChatGPT to plan a vacation
ChatGPT is an exciting new AI tool. Learn how you can use ChatGPT to help you plan your next vacation.
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Microsoft Create: Customizing an event planning template in Excel
Learn how you can customize an event planning template that will help you keep all of your event information in one place.
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Microsoft Create: Customizing a semester class schedule template in Excel
Learn how students can stay organized this semester with a customizable class schedule template.
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Outlook: Better grammar for when it matters
Microsoft Outlook is your everyday email and calendar app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the Web. Get advanced intelligent writing suggestions to improve your emails as you type.
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Microsoft Create: Customize a wedding budget template in Excel
There’s so much to keep track of when you’re planning a wedding. Learn how you can use this wedding budget tracker in Excel to track your wedding-related finances.
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Outlook: Connect your different email accounts
Microsoft Outlook is your everyday email and calendar app on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Web.
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Introducing SharePoint Premium for Information Workers
Learn how SharePoint Premium, our advanced AI content management solution, enables businesses to help Information Workers understand, organize, classify, and get the most value out of their content.
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Outlook: Access important documents in the cloud
Microsoft Outlook is your everyday email and calendar app on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Web.
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Introducing SharePoint Premium for IT Admins
Learn how SharePoint Premium, our advanced AI content management solution, enables businesses to help IT Admins manage and protect content through its lifecycle.
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Microsoft Create: Tracking monthly expenses in Excel
Learn how you can track your monthly expenses and view your monthly cash flow using Excel expense tracking templates.
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Microsoft Create: How to track your business expenses with Excel
Keeping track of your business expenses is easy with the right Excel template. Become financially responsible and learn how to track business expenses in Excel.
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Microsoft Create: Customizing an Excel Invoice Template
If you’re a small business owner, using professional invoices is essential. Learn how you can create and customize an Excel invoice template with Miss Excel.
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Employee Communications and Communities in Microsoft Viva
Strong employee engagement often starts with effective communications and a strong sense of community.
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Measure Engagement and Productivity with Microsoft Viva
Learn how Microsoft Viva helps you continuously improve the way work gets done with voice of the employee and workplace analytics to build a feedback flywheel and drive meaningful change.
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Enable a High Performance Workforce with Microsoft Viva
Learn how Microsoft Viva can help you empower and energize your workforce by creating space for conversation, communities, skill-building, and learning.
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Drive Mission and Alignment with Microsoft Viva
Learn how Microsoft Viva can help you drive open and effective communication to build confidence with employees on your company's strategy and create clarity on what actions to focus on for impact.
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Microsoft Viva Overview
Microsoft Viva brings together the tools and applications leaders need to engage and empower their workforce.
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Copilot for Microsoft 365 | Work On
Version with Audio description: Copilot is here. Meet your highly capable, always-available, dot-connecting data chaser.
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Copilot in Teams | Ask better questions
Generate a list of insightful questions to ask in a pitch meeting or creative brainstorming session.
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Copilot in Teams | Get caught up quickly
Ask Copilot a simple, open-ended question. Like, what did I miss in the meeting so far?
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Copilot at Ignite 2023 in less than 3 minutes
Got two minutes? Check out these highlights on becoming an AI-powered organization from #MSIgnite. Learn more #microsoft #microsoft365
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Copilot in PowerPoint | Quickly generate ideas
Create a new presentation in seconds based off your files and inputs.
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Get Started With Clipchamp
How to explore visual content creation on how to get started with Clipchamp. #microsoft #microsoft365
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Clipchamp & Designer | Visual Content Creation
For version with Audio description Explore Visual Content Creation with Clipchamp & Designer.
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Copilot in PowerPoint | Create consistency
Make all fonts in your presentation the same—or add relevant images to an entire pitch deck in seconds.
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Microsoft 365 Chat | Develop new content with Copilot
Write targeted copy for a new webpage or revise something you’ve already written.
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Microsoft Stream AI-powered video editing of web cam and screen recordings
It’s not always easy to make a video recording of yourself or a screen recording for a product demo or a project update.
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