Jeangu Macrooy (Eurovision 2020 and 2021) Interview on "Grow" and ESC 2021 in The Netherlands

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Published on 3 May 2020, 18:00
Jeangu Macrooy calling! In this Eurovision interview the Suriname-born star discusses "Grow", the cancellation of ESC 2020 in Rotterdam, his staging, the songwriting process, how he'll approach his Eurovision 2021 song and more.

1:00 How are you coping with lockdown?
2:25 Tell us more about Suriname -- what should we know?
3:35 Does Surinamese culture influence your music today?
4:55 How did you view The Netherlands when you were a kid?
6:22 Jeangu has a twin!
7:17 What prompted the move from Suriname to The Netherlands?
8:39 "Off of the plane and out of the closet"
10:15 How did the freedom of being out impact your music?
11:10 Where were you when you found out Eurovision 2020 was cancelled?
12:51 Where were you in the creative process? Did you have your ESC 2020 staging ready?
13:30 "The live performance is when the magic happens for me"
13:50 DWDD live performance
14:45 What was the starting point for writing "Grow"
17:00 What struggle motivate the song — was it a mental health issue?
18:30 Getting personal messages from fans
19:05 How did you get the invitation to sing at Eurovision?
20:24 What were your fears as a child?
22:15 Do you think you could have won Eurovision 2020?
23:55 Can you tell us about your planned Eurovision staging?
25:00 Would you have had backing vocalists?
24:20 Who are these people in the music video? Is this a real therapy session?
27:15 When were you confirmed for Eurovision 2021?
28:20 Will this songwriting experience be different now that you know you're going to Eurovision?
29:20 Will your 2021 song be similar to "Grow"?
30:30 Acoustic live performance at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam
31:55 Live performance in Rotterdam Ahoy as it was being converted to a hospital.
33:20 Could you sing a little bit of your song?

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