Cow Attack - Never Underestimate A Cow

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Published on 28 Jan 2022, 14:15
High in the peaceful Alps, yodelmeister Takeo Ischi and his beloved friend Heidi encounter a band of fearsome foes. Stream the track everywhere ➡️
Takeo Ischi as himself -
@Markiplier as Yaro -
Natalie Tran of @communitychannel as Heidi the Cow -
Animated by Secret Sauce Studio -
Written, Directed, & Edited by The Gregory Brothers

Song Written & Composed by The Gregory Brothers
Produced with Aaron Beaumont
Mastered by Dan Millice
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Animation Director
LD Walker

Lead Animator
Nas Pasha

Michael Burnard
Richard Go
Kenji Iwata
Kam Kalambay
Alexandra Krechman
Saiya Lin
Delondhyl Mcinturff
Nour Masalkhi
Andi Nguyen
James Nguyen
Ryan Plaisance
Bryan Salter

FX Animation
Alem Pilav
LD Walker

Background Artists
Kyle Ostens
Dale Watson

Nas Pasha
LD Walker

Mike Chung
LD Walker

Cleanup & Color
David Kuettel
Jay Li
Saiya Lin
Lissi Leuterio
Jena Denney

LD Walker

Japanese translation - Hickory G.K

Various Instruments - The Gregory Brothers
Additional Vocals - The Gregory Brothers
Various instruments - Aaron Beaumont
Violin - Maria Im
Cello - Alexandra Jones
Additional Bgawks - various Gregory Brothers


Never underestimate a cooooooooow

[echoes] Never underestimate a coooooooow

[sounds of swelling nature reverberate across the land]

Never underestimate a cooooow

That’s the mistake that ends your journey nooooow

When you underestimated my coooooow

That was the moment I’d take you doooooown

You think that cows are lazy

Sitting, munching grass (sitting, munching grahhhhh)

But if you cross them, they’ll snap and beat your

Ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ah - ass!

Moooooooove out the wayyyyyyy

Moooooooove or you’ll payyyyyy

Yoooooouuuu can be spared if you repent

But her ass-whoopings are never 2 percent

[violins ascending toward heaven]

You hacked the surveillance cameras

But made a simple blunder

You didn’t prepare for a faceoff

With a massive, milky udder

You dodged the Louvre’s lasers

And rappelled from the roof (down from the rooooof)

But you can’t defeat my hairy friend

With 4 stomachs and 4 hoooooofs!

Moooooooove out the wayyyyyyy

Mooooooooove or you’ll payyyyyy

Yoooooouuuu can leave this path for another

Or she’ll churn your ass up like butter!

[Yodel of peace, justice, and ruthlessness]

Or she’ll churn your ass up like butter!

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