Lil Cherry | "WAMEME" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 12 May 2022, 22:48
Lil Cherry and her brother, GOLDBUUDA, who is also her producer, have patented their own whimsical and rebellious sound somewhere between hip hop, alternative pop, hyperpop, punk, and rap.

Their new album SPACE TALK is a dreamy, glitchy escape from reality with equal measures of gentle, ethereal sounds and headbanging, high-octane moments. Playing the album all the way through is like attending a glamorous, drippy dance party that transforms guests into their celebrity personas, dusting them with confidence and prowess.

“We love to experiment and mix and match everything that has influenced us from living in Seoul, Miami and New York,” Lil Cherry told Noisey.

The “WAMEME” music video was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by hip hop and hyperpop video hitmaker, Speeder.

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Written by Lil Cherry
Produced by GOLDBUUDA
Arranged by GOLDBUUDA

Directed by Speeder X Gree.Create
Additional Footage by GEEB

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#릴체리 #골드부다 #SPACETALK #saucecartel #GOLDBUUDA

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