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26 Mar 2006
19 days 8:52
Traditional Roots, Modern Beats: Ariel y su Venadito Son
On this episode of Noisey Meets, we travel to Mexico to learn more about Ariel Y Su Venadito Son.
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68 days 4:29
What Inspired Japanese Breakfast's Memoir?
Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner tells us what makes her breakfast personal.
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118 days 7:22
The 72-Hour Rave that Changed the Law | Life of the Party
Someone called us 72 hour party people. It would start on Saturday and finish on Tuesday DiY Sound System were pioneers of the UK's house music and free party scene.
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133 days 21:44
Odd Future’s Jasper Gets a Bug Facial | Jasper & Errol's First Time (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol join a Bollywood dance troupe, take up bird watching, get a snail facial, and launch a car off a ramp. This episode first aired on VICE TV in 2019.
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138 days 0:59
Joanne Wood Teaches Danny Brown How to Fight #shorts
UFC fighter Joanne Calderwood explains the consequences of fighting to Danny Brown.
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153 days 7:12
A Secret Rave In a Shed
For years, Colin Rothbart has been organising notoriously riotous and colourful house parties for the LGBTQ community in his East London home.
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168 days 21:52
Odd Future's Jasper Pilots a Fighting Megabot (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol force Jasper's dad to jump from a 10-meter Olympic diving platform, learn Cocktail-style flair bartending, trim bonsai trees, and operate a megabot.
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181 day 0:55
The Genesis of the Torture Garden #shorts
Club-runners and icons from the golden age of nightlife recount their wildest anecdotes.
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196 days 21:50
Jasper & Errol Try Tantra with Strangers | Jasper & Errol's First Time (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol join Jasper's dad for a survivalist training course, attempt a mime routine on Hollywood Boulevard, participate in a tantric sex workshop, and get drunk in a painting class.
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208 days 4:58
The Man Who Made the Acid Smiley Famous
VICE speaks to prolific acid house flier designer George Georgiou, who, among other achievements, popularised the yellow smiley face that became the unofficial mascot of raving.
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224 days 21:57
Jasper & Errol Try Gymnastics on Horseback (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol perform gymnastic maneuvers atop a moving horse, take a pottery class, and join Jasper's dad for a firewalk across burning coals.
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243 days 6:35
The Oldest Goth Club in the World: Slimelight
In 1987, Dette and Mayuan Mak found a derelict warehouse and turned it into a venue. More than 35 years later, goths still congregate for Slimelight.
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259 days 21:37
Falling Out a Hot Air Balloon With Jasper and Errol (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol take a Capoeira class, stomp grapes in wine country, and bungee jump from a hot air balloon. This episode of Jasper and Errol first aired on VICE TV in 2019.
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280 days 25:01
Los Del Espacio
Los del Espacio is a documentary that takes you inside a historic house where a group of talented Argentinian artists made their unconventional move during the pandemic.
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287 days 22:01
Becoming a Human Beehive & Blowing S*** Up | Jasper & Errol's First Time (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol perform a synchronized swimming routine with Jasper's dad, wear a beard of bees, learn the basics of yodeling, and detonate explosives at a bomb range.
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298 days 22:03
Abbott Elementary's Zack Fox On Drip | DANNY'S HOUSE (Full Episode)
Former WWE wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan and comedian Zack Fox discuss style, fashion and popular trends, while Danny Brown critiques dogs dressed in human clothes.
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315 days 21:51
Jasper & Errol Try Eating in the Dark (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol compete against an Olympic fencer, take a tango lesson, experience dining in the dark, and play zombie tag. This episode first aired on VICE TV in 2019.
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326 days 22:09
Insane Clown Posse on Their Wrestling Past | DANNY'S HOUSE (Full Episode)
From backyard wrestling to legal settlements, hip hop duo The Insane Clown Posse and UFC fighter Joanne Calderwood explain the consequences of fighting to Danny Brown.
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337 days 5:37
Virgil van Dijk x Martin Garrix: Two Dutch Superstars Meet | Back & Forth
DJ Martin Garrix and professional football player Virgil van Dijk meet during the JBL Music Academy where they discuss karaoke, sleeping in the club and playing in front of huge crowds.
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340 days 21:56
Jasper & Errol Stick Their Hands Up A Dummy (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol learn the art of ventriloquism, take a Zumba class, make sushi from scratch, and get Jasper's dad to speak "Martian" under hypnosis.
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344 days 12:37
The Southern Rapper With a Kirby Diamond Chain: 6 Hours With TiaCorine
NOISEY’S 6 HOURS WITH follows today’s most exciting artists for 6 hours leading up to a milestone moment in their career.
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357 days 8:40
Jeleel! Gets Hyped For Rolling Loud | 6 Hours
NOISEY’S 6 HOURS WITH follows today’s most exciting artists for 6 hours leading up to a milestone moment in their career. In this episode, we follow artist JELEEL!
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362 days 21:57
Danny Brown Shocks Gilbert Gottfried With His Dreams | DANNY'S HOUSE (Full Episode)
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried and rappers Quelle Chris and Jean Grae interpret their subconscious mind while Danny tries to guess what Mark Zuckerberg dreams about.
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364 days 7:26
Working With A$AP Ferg & Twerking All Day: Meet Harlem Rapper Antha Pantha | Questionnaire of Life
Harlem Rapper Antha Pantha (@ppantthaa) sits down with Samantha (@samtaylor24) and Noisey to answer life's toughest questions, chat about working with A$AP Ferg and to reflect on the next 50 years
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08.04.23 22:02
Jasper & Errol Fight a 600-lbs Sumo Wrestler (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol take a trapeze lesson, endure a colonic, and go head-to-head with a 600-pound sumo wrestler. This episode first aired on VICE TV in 2018.
19 595
05.04.23 7:08
Brooklyn Rapper Lola Brooke On House Parties, Hookah Flavors & Hiphop
Brooklyn Rapper Lola Brooke (@lola.brooke) of the viral hit “Don’t Play With It” sits down with Samantha (@samtaylor24) and Noisey to answer life’s toughest questions, spills on her surprise
13 661
18.03.23 21:54
Run the Jewels' El-P & Danny Brown Remember Their First Rap | DANNY'S HOUSE (Full Episode)
Danny Brown invites comedian Luenell and rapper El-P to discuss how music influences their lives. Together they decide which neighborhood friend is the best Jay-Z impersonator.
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01.03.23 21:52
Odd Future's Jasper & Errol Prank Jasper's Dad (Full Episode)
Jasper and Errol ride bucking bulls, cuddle with strangers, and force Jasper's heights-phobic dad to hang glide. This episode first aired on VICE TV in 2018.
76 839
23.02.23 4:14
Scorey Responds to Fans and Haters | People Vs.
Scorey replies to the internet’s trolls and his fans as he reviews comments on his songs ‘Moods’ and ’Oh Oh'.
5 348
18.02.23 22:34
Hannibal Buress & Joey Diaz Talk Haunted Houses & Ghosts | DANNY'S HOUSE (Full Episode)
Danny hosts a hangout session with comedians @hannibalburess and @JoeyDiaz to talk about ghosts, hauntings, and the possibility of having intimate relations with a spirit.
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