Nuitarie - Wicked Remains

256 days – 7264:02
Conchita Bailon - La Mochila
Published on 17 May 2022, 10:00
"Wicked Remains" is a track taken from Singer-songwriter Nuitarie's EP "Ghost Love Stories" out via Epictronic worldwide.

Nuitarie is a French solo singer-songwriter who also works as a choir director and a vocal coach. Her EP 'Ghost Love Stories’ was born of a series of questions surrounding love and regrets.
It's a celebration of those fleeting moments and a tender reflection on the places and people who haunt us. It plays with the theme of the ghost, with a twist. Those specters are not scary, they embody our memories and past lives. Nuitarie’s music is a dreamy blend of folk, rock and electronic music, with melancholy songs and eerie arrangements. For these, she worked with pianist Evi Ciglia (“Left-turn on Spirit Drive”) and guitarist and sound engineer Sebastián González García (“Marlene”, “Wicked Remains”) in order to give new richness and variety to her music.

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