THICK | "Happiness" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 16 Aug 2022, 16:00
Brooklyn-based indie-punk rock band THICK knows how to have fun. With ambition and a goal in mind, working around the time restraints of being in the middle of a 7-week tour with The Chats and Mean Jeans, the band managed to film the music video for “Happiness” a mere 8 hours before one show.

"Happiness," a single from the band’s upcoming album Happy Now set for release August 19 on Epitaph Records, showcases a gritty but optimistic sound that characterizes THICK’s music.

In the music video, the band takes a joyride in a Mustang convertible on what they all hoped would be a day filled with Colorado sunshine and greenery. The weather, however, had different plans. The band rode on, undeterred by the snow and rain with Director Nic Henry who filmed the video partly on a Super 8. THICK joked that “even the people at the rental car agency thought it was crazy and dangerous (sorry mom).”

Mother nature aside, the video still exudes a feel-good sunny vibe, much like the raw, punchy energy at all of THICK’s shows. When asked about the dog in the video, drummer and vocalist Shari said “Be true to who you are, stand out, don’t try to always make sense, and just have fun. We’ve all been that dog in a suit in a trippy reality.”


Directed & edited by Nic Golden Henry
Production Assistant: Sean Dodge
Super 8 Scan by Nicholas Coyle

Nikki Sisti: vocals, guitar
Kate Black: vocals, bass, synth
Shari Page: vocals, drums

Producer, Engineer, Mix Engineer, Additional Percussion by Joel Hamilton
Assistant Engineer, Second Engineer by Justin Termotto
Mastering by Mike Tucci

Starring THICK
Shot on a nice day in Denver, CO

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