COIN discuss their album 'Uncanny Valley' (interview at The Current)

Published on 19 Sep 2022, 19:00
Nashville-based COIN are currently on tour following the release of their latest album, Uncanny Valley, and its hit single “Chapstick.” During their visit to The Current, the four-piece band — comprising Chase Lawrence, Joe Memmel, Ryan Winnen and Matt Martin — spoke with host Ayisha Jaffer about the band’s origins at Belmont University in Nashville, as well as the themes that arose in their lives and manifested themselves on the album; in particular, themes of relevance and authenticity.

In addition, Lawrence spoke about how the pandemic brought the band closer together, and how community and connection have become so vital to COIN and their fans. One improbable indicator of that connection? The deep, personal significance that can be found in nonsensical lyrics.

Watch the complete interview above.

Watch a three-song performance by COIN:

COIN are:
Chase Lawrence - vocals, keys
Joe Memmel - guitar
Ryan Winnen - drums
Matt Martin - bass

Host – Ayisha Jaffer
Guests – COIN
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Audio – Evan Clark
Camera Operators – Erik Stromstad, Peter Ecklund, Thor Cramer Bornemann
Video Editor – Eric Xu Romani
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