Built To Spill – studio session at The Current (music + interview)

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Published on 20 Sep 2022, 19:45
Built To Spill’s founder and frontman Doug Martsch is, among many things, a collaborator. And that collaborative nature shines brightly on Built To Spill’s latest album, "When The Wind Forgets Your Name," just released on Sept. 9, 2022. The songs were recorded with the musicians Martsch worked with while spending time touring and playing music in Brazil. Now, Martch has teamed up with Melanie Radford and Teresa Esguerra to create the touring version of Built To Spill. While on that tour, Built To Spill visited The Current studio to play songs and to chat with host Mac Wilson.

During the conversation with Mac, we hear more about Radford and Esguerra, and how they came to play with Martsch. We also hear a bit more about Martsch’s time in Brazil — and we enjoy some speculation on just how long the longest Built To Spill song has run in minutes.

Watch and listen to the full session above.

Video segments:
00:00:00 Fool's Gold
00:03:50 Conventional Wisdom
00:12:09 Interview with host Mac Wilson

Band Members
Doug Martsch
Melanie Radford
Teresa Esguerra

Host – Mac Wilson
Guests – Built To Spill
Producer – Rachel Frances
Video – Eric Xu Romani
Camera Operators – Thor Cramer Bornemann
Audio – Evan Clark
Graphics – Natalia Toledo
Digital Producer – Luke Taylor

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