Elihu Okay | "Oil" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 29 Sep 2022, 16:00
Elihu Okay’s music is a product of his Northeastern indie rock adolescence and his gift for writing ghostly and contemplative poems. Elihu grew up playing in bands in basements in Western Massachusetts, spinning early-aughts anxiety into reflective tracks that built the foundation for his sound. He has an endearing appreciation for simple humor, the brilliant and dumb. “If you’re not saying something that’s a little embarrassing then you’re not saying much at all,” he told Noisey.

“Oil,” Elihu Okay’s new single, “is about a phone call that didn’t happen,” he said. “Thinking, ‘What would I say if I called this person?’ in the moments after a relationship ends.” With intense breaks and pauses and harmonic bursts of energy, the song is raw and winding. The "Oil" music video encapsulates the song’s elusiveness, drifting between mysterious shots in car headlights in the rain and footage of Elihu in Prospect Park.

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Video Shot by Bryce Bizer & Edited by Elihu Okay

Written & Performed by Elihu Okay
Additional vocals by Dirtsilk
Guitar by Vassilios Karsaliakos
Bass and organs by Eli Heath
Drums by Andrew Ring
Additional drum programming by Rob Machia and Ian Robinson
Recorded and mixed at Ghost Hit by Andrew Oedel
Mastered in Texas by Kevin Butler

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