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16 Sep 2011
3 hours 9:15
1000HP Subaru STI is an Evo’s Worst Nightmare
Here's an 1000HP Subaru STI that didn't break during a video.
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3 days 13:02
The Water Powered Car That Would Have RUINED the Auto Market
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8 days 12:27
800HP Hellcat Swapped Dodge Magnum is Hilariously Scary
My 800HP Dodge Magnum Hell Redeye swap is finally back! Creating the ultimate wagon in just 24 days was not easy.
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10 days 9:49
Vaughn Gittin Jr's RTR Spec 5 is Questionably Crazy
RTR Mustang has been a brand now for over 10 years. Started by Formula Drift driver Vaughn Gittin JR, it takes the Mustang from the factory to the next level.
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12 days 13:34
The Mazda RX9 is Coming and It's Fashionably Late
Mazda has been working for years behind the scenes on a new Rotary system - and the rumors just keep on coming.
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15 days 9:38
A 400HP SUPERCHARGED Lincoln Town Car is Grandpa's Tuner Troll
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19 days 9:01
Craziest NEAR MISS of My Racing Career So Far...
One of the closest calls I've ever had driving a performance car or on track - I barely missed a deer at a very high rate of speed during my advanced racing school.
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21 day 10:42
A BIG TURBO Focus RS is Hilariously Dumb
The Ford Focus RS is one of those cars that the US craved for years. The Focus ST and Fiesta ST were both really great hot hatches of the time, but all wheel drive was still asked for by enthusiasts.
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24 days 10:35
A 900HP Terminator Cobra Was Chevy's Worst Nightmare
The Terminator Cobra is widely regarded as one of the best American cars ever made. With it's howling 4.6L supercharged V8 with forged internals - it was an absurd beast for the early 2000's.
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29 days 12:11
The Hyundai N Vision 74 Will RUIN the Sports Car Market
The Hyundai N Vision 74 captured the hearts of minds of the car world.
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31 day 11:07
A 420HP Lincoln Town Car is the Ultimate Tuner Troll
Not all first cars are created equal - but taking your grandpa's Lincoln Towne car and making the best of the situation is something Zach Borden has truly figured out.
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33 days 10:09
The 2024 Acura Integra Type S Has ONE Big Problem...
The 2024 Acura Integra Type S is finally almost here.
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36 days 13:00
The Hayabusa Powered Radical SR1 Will Steal Your Soul at 10,000RPM
From a young age many of us want to ultimate dream of being a licensed racecar driver. However the path isn't so clear when it comes to the start of your journey.
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38 days 9:41
Why is the Honda Accord So Hated?
Hondas are some of the most fun cars to build. They are light weight, have an insane amount of engine options, and are a great way to start out your car loving career.
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40 days 11:57
1200 HP TWIN TURBO Shelby GT500 Review! Is 1200HP Even Usable?
The 2021 Shelby GT500 is already an obnoxiously fast car. With 760HP from the factory and a surprising amount of downforce, it is a track monster ready to go from the showroom floor.
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43 days 10:18
WTF Happened the the Z31 Nissan 300ZX?
➥GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: The Nissan 300ZX has an incredible legacy of a turbocharged JDM tuner legend.
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45 days 0:00
ThatDudeinBlue Live Hangout and QNA!
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47 days 11:58
The 850HP Brazilian Tuner Car You Didn't Know Existed
Not all tuner cars are created equal..or muscle cars? This time around we are in kind of a mix of both. This is the Chevy Opala - Brazil's most modified car of all time.
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50 days 10:47
The Porsche GT3 992 is Nucking Futs: 9000RPM of Heavenly Sound!
Check out the Open Road program! We all know that Porsche makes some amazing cars.
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56 days 10:37
Novice Drifter vs 1000HP Formula Drift Car
Check out Texas Drift Academy!
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68 days 11:58
WTF Happened to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio?
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71 day 14:15
1000HP Fast and Furious Supra Review: The Car of Our Generation
➥GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: Throtl's 1000HP Toyota Supra build is not for the weak.
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77 days 13:32
The 2023 Dodge Demon 170 RUINED the Muscle Car Market
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79 days 16:23
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80 days 14:53
The WEIRDEST Cars of the Last 20 Years
➥GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: Cars come and go. The automotive industry has always had its bad years - but also its really good ones.
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82 days 13:43
Car Culture Has Changed: Youtube's Consequences
➥GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: Car Culture has utterly transformed thanks to the power of the internet and possibly most of all - Youtube.
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84 days 9:29
Throtl's Audi S4 Makes Me Rethink German Cars
➥GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: The Audi S4 with its supercharged V6 was a ton of fun to drive.
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85 days 13:10
A 890HP Corvette ZR1 is a GTR's Worst Nightmare
to get yourself the Carl Friedrik Scuderia AlphaTauri carry-on! Thank you Carl Friedrik for partnering with me on this video! The Chevy Corvette C6 ZR1 MIGHT be my favorite Corvette ever.
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87 days 13:47
A 515HP RWD Honda Civic is Way Scarier Than I Thought
➥WIN THROTL'S AUDI S4 AND GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: The Honda Civic is no doubt one of the greatest tuner platforms in history.
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89 days 9:45
1000HP Hellcat Swap Viper Review: Breaking All the Rules
➥WIN THROTL'S AUDI S4 AND GET DISCOUNTED CAR PARTS USING THE CODE DUDEINBLUE: The Dodge Viper has always had a sketchy reputation and is definitely not the
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