Beyond the Wire Review

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Published on 7 Sep 2022, 15:00
Beyond the Wire reviewed on PC by Luke Winkie.

"Beyond The Wire provides a delightfully hefty incarnation of World War One. Redstone Interactive makes its massive, 100-player servers sing with Arma-quality realism, complete with jolting firearm kickback, brutal melee beatdowns, and a huge number of dynamic character classes that can shift the tide of the battle. All of this takes place on beautiful multiplayer maps that capture the nightmarish truth of early 20th century warfighting. But it suffers from a manpower shortage: it simply doesn't have the number of players necessary to fully crew those fantasies, and Redstone hasn't made any design concessions to make it more playable with its smaller server populations. A flagging playerbase isn't necessarily the fault of a developer, but it still makes Beyond The Wire difficult to recommend – which we know doesn’t help."