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21 Jul 2014
70 days 32:38
Large language model training: tackling data challenges
Building and training machine learning models is a complex and challenging process.
70 days 40:28
Faster time to value with the BigQuery Migration Service
Data and AI Cloud for Marketing: Your marketing, multiplied by Google Cloud Speakers: Jiby Varghese Watch more: All sessions from Google Cloud Next → #GoogleCloudNext
70 days 36:46
Full-stack Identity and Access Management (IAM) – your options on Google Cloud
Learn how Google Cloud enables identity-first, AI/ML-powered, policy-based security to help protect your users, infrastructure, data, and applications.
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70 days 27:45
Optimize your cloud with AI-based recommendations from Active Assist
Active Assist uses AI and advanced analytics to make recommendations that help developers optimize their applications for cost, security, sustainability, and more.
70 days 40:09
What’s new in modern CI/CD on Google Cloud
Organizations must modernize their software delivery to stay competitive.
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70 days 35:30
Learn how Discord and Tamr deliver ML-driven experiences with Bigtable
Machine learning (ML) is becoming a core part of every modern application. In this session, learn how Cloud Bigtable supports ML stacks for large-scale services, both inside and outside of Google.
70 days 43:31
The future of databases with generative AI
Generative AI is empowering developers to build new user experiences directly into their existing applications by leveraging pretrained models and without requiring machine learning expertise.
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70 days 26:51
Build an AIOps platform at enterprise scale with Google Cloud
Many enterprise IT organizations have infrastructure efficiency initiatives aimed at cutting costs and reducing environmental impact. Savvy customers use AI to drive these efforts.
70 days 36:52
What's new with the AI Lakehouse
Organizations have been searching for optimal ways to store and analyze vast amounts of structured, unstructured, and semistructured data to handle the increasing volume, latency, resilience, and
70 days 42:21
Your guide to tuning foundation models
You can customize models for your use case by using your own data to tune models.
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70 days 38:55
Seamless infrastructure deployment and management with Terraform
Terraform is an integral component of many teams’ infrastructure and applications. It’s also core to Google Cloud, as we use it to build and operate our resources as infrastructure as code.
70 days 35:43
How to optimize Kubernetes for reliability and cost-efficiency
Currently running Kubernetes in public clouds or thinking of moving workloads to Kubernetes in clouds?
70 days 39:41
Increase developer productivity and security with cloud-based development
Join this session to learn how Cloud Workstations enables cloud-based development in a secure manner, expediting developer onboarding and improving developer productivity while strengthening the
70 days 33:41
Compliance without compromise: Running regulated workloads on Google Cloud
Learn how you can quickly and easily build applications in environments with predefined controls and guardrails to meet global regulatory compliance requirements.
70 days 38:42
Accelerate your generative AI projects with new tools on Vertex AI
Finding the right foundation model for your use case can be a daunting task, and the difficulty of managing large models prevents most organizations from using these models effectively, if at all.
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70 days 40:32
GreenOps: Drive carbon and cost efficiencies with a new wave of developer tools
Applying the principles of circular economy to software development lays foundations for sustainable behavior for product-focused organizations.
70 days 33:21
What’s new for real-time intelligence
In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to make decisions quickly.
70 days 33:40
Generative AI powered use cases for data engineers
Earlier this year, we announced Duet AI in Google Cloud, a new generative AI-powered collaborator, to help cloud users of all skill levels solve their everyday work challenges.
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70 days 45:46
Availability and performance with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open-source databases in the world. Users love PostgreSQL because of its rich capabilities, enterprise readiness, and community participation.
70 days 28:38
Build an open format analytics and AI lakehouse
Data transformation is harder to do with siloed warehouses and technologies.
70 days 33:36
What’s new with BigQuery
In this digital-first era, data analytics continues to be at the core of driving differentiation and innovation for businesses.
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70 days 37:50
PostgreSQL the way only Google can deliver it: A deep dive into AlloyDB
PostgreSQL is one of the most popular databases in the world, and for good reason. But what if it could be faster, cheaper to run, and easier to manage with no application changes?
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70 days 36:28
Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations with Database Migration Service and Black Belt migration experts
Organizations looking to innovate and provide the best experience to customers will need to think about how to migrate and modernize databases to reduce complexity, improve agility, and make the
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70 days 34:14
Predictive and generative AI projects with Vertex AI Feature Platform
Discover the next generation of Vertex AI Feature Store Now built on top of BigQuery.
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70 days 29:34
Why Digital Turbine went all in with Google Cloud
When Digital Turbine acquired multiple companies, taking on the complexity of disparate architectures, applications, and data warehouses proved challenging.
70 days 23:32
Stay ahead of API security threats with machine learning (ML) detection
According to our latest API Security Research Report, half of organizations have experienced an API security incident in the past 12 months.
70 days 40:29
Unleash data analytics and AI: Insights from industry executives
Join our interactive powerhouse panel of industry leaders from MongoDB, Databricks, and DataRobot who are leveraging the power of data analytics and AI to drive innovation and business growth for
70 days 24:39
Fast track to modernization: Build next-generation data pipelines with containers
Data is the fuel that powers businesses. But the more data that businesses collect, the harder it can be to manage.
70 days 24:41
Extend your Cloud Run containers’ capabilities using sidecars
Sidecars in Cloud Run allow users to run additional workloads alongside the main container in Cloud Run.
70 days 21:54
Metadata at scale: How to effectively migrate and grow on Google Cloud
As you build and scale services, having the right tagging strategy can prevent your services from becoming chaotic and unmanageable.
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