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21 Jul 2014
4 days 12:57
Modern Edge AI experiences
Build with Google Distributed Cloud → Build, deploy, and scale modern applications on-premises with AI ready infrastructure to ensure data security and enable agile
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5 days 2:47
Introducing Oracle Database@Google Cloud
Google Cloud and Oracle have joined forces in a groundbreaking strategic partnership to deliver a new era of cloud solutions for enterprise customers.
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12 days 4:46
Grounding in Gemini with Vertex AI Search
Are you tired on learning and building a production RAG systems? With the Grounding support in Gemini, you can easily build a RAG system by enabling the option on the console.
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12 days 2:43
Google Cloud Logging 101 - How to manage log routing at scale
Cloud logging’s log router is a power tool that gives you the flexibility to choose which logs are stored in Cloud Logging, sent to other Google Cloud products like Cloud Storage, or even sent to
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12 days 5:20
Supercharge Your Streaming Data: AI/ML Made Easy with Beam and Dataflow
Dataflow ML Documentation → Github Notebooks → Learn how Dataflow and Beam can help you easily craft and manage a streaming pipeline with AI/ML.
17 days 12:23
Run your Next.js app on Cloud Run
In this video Luke Schlangen shows Martin Omander how to run your Next.js web app on Google Cloud Run, without having to configure or manage any servers.
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24 days 9:30
Cloud Run Principle of Least Privilege
There are two security settings for Cloud Run services: what can trigger the service and what the service can do when it runs.
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A day in the life of an engineer!
Imagine you are in a situation where you have documents containing complex graphs or diagrams packed with information and you want to extract this data to answer questions or queries.
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27 days 2:35
Draw your website!
Learn how to build a web application that allows users to generate html code from wireframes and prompts that the user enters using Vertex AI Generative AI Models.
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31 day 43:16
How to deploy all the JavaScript frameworks to Cloud Run
The JavaScript ecosystem moves so quickly that it can leave you wondering, can I deploy [JavaScript framework] to Google Cloud Run? Yes.
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31 day 40:43
Use Gemini to build a web application from scratch on Google Cloud
Learn how to use Gemini Cloud Assist, an AI-powered collaborator in Google Cloud.
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31 day 35:31
Grounding for Gemini with Vertex AI Search and DIY RAG
Learn about grounding with generative AI and discover how to integrate Gemini, multimodal embeddings, and vector search to build a production-ready RAG system.
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31 day 21:17
Connect Gemini to real-world data using LangChain’s open-source capabilities
Discover the power of connecting LLMs to external knowledge sources and APIs with LangChain's open-source capabilities integrated with Vertex AI.
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31 day 35:30
Boost performance of Go applications with profile guided optimization
By profiling Go applications at runtime, the Go compiler can make better optimization decisions in subsequent builds, leading to substantial improvements in CPU performance.
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31 day 40:04
Build generative AI agents with Vertex AI Agent Builder and Flutter
Supercharge your generative AI development workflow with Vertex AI and Flutter.
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31 day 36:50
What's new in Google Cloud and Google Workspace
Learn about the latest tools and updates enabling developers to learn, build, and do more on Google Cloud and Workspace.
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31 day 38:33
Tune and deploy Gemini with Vertex AI and ground with Cloud databases
Leverage Vertex AI for the complete lifecycle of Google's Gemini Pro.
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31 day 36:05
Accelerate building AI applications with Cloud Run
Build a generative AI application using the Gemini API and Vertex AI, and deploy it rapidly using Cloud Run, so you can focus on what's core to your business and leave the auto-scaling to Google.
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33 days 0:56
Get Ready for Google I/O 2024 with Chloe Condon
Chloe Condon gets ready for Google I/O 2024 at Shoreline. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the exciting generative AI announcements from this year's conference. #Gemini
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38 days 6:51
Cloud Run Jobs overrides
We often need to run Cloud Run Jobs with different parameters. For example, a job may need to look for files in different Cloud Storage buckets every time it runs.
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39 days 1:54
What have Cloud Next 2024 attendees learned at Cloud Next?
All the exciting announcements at Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas left an excitement in the air. Join us as we wrap up the conference by asking attendees what they learned. What will you build?
39 days 1:34
What do Google Cloud Next attendees think of when they hear "Gen AI"?
Opportunity, innovation, and magical! These are just some of the words that come to mind when we asked Google Cloud Next 2024 attendees what Gen AI means to them.
39 days 4:37
Build your own LLM on Google Cloud
Custom large language models (LLMs) can be fine-tuned and deployed using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Run.
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39 days 12:30
Connecting data sources with AI | Google Cloud
In this exciting demo Luka Fontanilla, Custom Engineer Google Cloud, demonstrates a Google LLM with multiple data sources and rich analysis powered by AI.
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40 days 5:26
Multi-cloud security made easy for DevOps
The industry’s first cloud risk management solution that fuses cloud security and enterprise security operations—supercharged by Mandiant expertise and Gemini at Google scale.
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40 days 8:42
Gen AI for regualted industries | Google Distributed Cloud
How can regulated industries benefit from the latest generative AI trend?
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41 day 2:48
Google Cloud cybersecurity solutions
Make Google part of your security team with security guardrails such as Cloud Identity by enacting the principle of least privilege intel-driven security operations, and cloud security—supercharged
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41 day 2:57
AI generated trivia games on Google Cloud
Try out the Hypergame today!
41 day 2:14
Security Operations & Threat Intelligence | Google Gemini
Join Regional Security Architect, Sandy Wenzel, as she detects, investigates, and responds to modern cloud threats at Google scale with threat intelligence and Gemini.
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42 days 2:48
Accelerate AI adoption
AI practitioners can use the notebook experience to run TPU clusters on GKE to build a cost efficient AI infrastructure and train large scale generative AI models.
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