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21 Jul 2014
20 hours 8:54
Serverless Generative AI
Find out how to build a serverless application that uses generative AI!
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2 days 17:14
Safe serverless deployments with Cloud Run
Learn how to apply SRE thinking it to make your serverless deployments with Cloud Run safer.
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13 days 4:58
How Gen Digital uses CCAI for their enterprise
Gen Digital is a leader in consumer cyber safety and home to trusted brands such as Norton, LifeLock, Avast, and AVG.
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13 days 7:17
Google Cloud & Firebase: Two sides of the same coin
In this video, Martin Omander and Frank van Puffelen discuss the top Firebase features for Google Cloud developers.
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21 day 3:12
How to delete a project
Learn about the options available to delete or shut down a project, IAM role requirements, and important considerations for when a project is deleted.
41 day 4:07
Implementing caching in Apigee
In this video, you'll learn how to implement response caching using Apigee's ResponseCache policy.
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41 day 0:51
Gamify your learning with The Arcade
Want to upskill your Google Cloud knowledge and win points and prizes? Check out The Arcade! Activate your account on Google Cloud Skills Boost to get started.
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45 days 0:45
Create a Custom Document Extractor with Document AI
You can create Custom Document Extractors (CDE), powered by AI, that are specifically suited to your documents, and trained and evaluated with your data.
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48 days 2:43
Duet AI for Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
Try Duet AI → With AI assistance, monitoring cloud services and responding rapidly to issues is now easier than ever.
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49 days 2:46
Data sharing done right: Spanner Data Boost
Explore Spanner documentation → Read about Spanner → Data Boost overview → Create a scalable, highly available, globally
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49 days 0:59
Gemini 1.0 is here!
Harness the power of Gemini 1.0 on Vertex AI.
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50 days 3:29
Duet AI for Cloud Database Engineers
Try Duet AI → Designing an LLM connected model with Duet AI → Duet AI for Data Scientists and Analysts → With AI assistance
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55 days 1:48
Duet AI for Cloud Architects
Try Duet AI → Architect a multi-tier app with Duet AI assistance → Duet AI for Cloud Architects → With AI assistance
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56 days 0:59
A year of ABCs of #AI
Google Cloud Platform – 29 Dec 2023, 1:00
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56 days 0:47
Unlock new LLM chat types on Vertex AI Conversation
Enable brand new types of conversational experiences with conversation agents using LLMs on Vertex AI.
57 days 0:50
ABCs of #AI - Z is for Zero-knowledge proofs
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence using the Alphabet. Today, Z is for Zero-knowledge proofs #GoogleCloud #ABCsofAI #ZeroKnowledgeProofs #AI #ML
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57 days 5:34
Duet AI for Network Engineers
Try Duet AI → Create and modify a VPC network with Duet AI assistance → Duet AI for Network Engineers → With AI assistance
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62 days 4:12
How Telus transformed data analysis with Contact Center AI
Learn more about Contact Center AI (CCAI) Platform → With the power of Contact Center AI (CCAI), Telus Corp., a global leader in telecommunications, transforms raw data into
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62 days 5:16
Duet AI for Developers
Try Duet AI → Develop a Python app with Duet AI assistance → Duet AI for Application Developers → With AI assistance
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63 days 0:55
Duet AI is now GA!
Boost productivity today with Duet AI's conversational code assistance.
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64 days 0:47
ABCs of #AI - Y is for Why AI?
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence using the Alphabet. Today, Y is for “Why" choose AI?
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64 days 2:56
Duet AI for Cyber Security
Try Duet AI → Duet AI for navigating security decisions → Duet AI for Security Engineers → With AI assistance, finding and
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65 days 0:55
ABCs of #AI - X is for XGBoost
Welcome to ABC’s of AI, where we’ll cover the fundamentals of artificial intelligence using the alphabet. Today we’re covering X for XGBoost!
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65 days 41:24
Transform search experiences for customers and employees with Gen App Builder
Generative AI is transforming enterprise search experiences.
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65 days 28:09
Meet the environment APIs
Google Maps Platform announces the addition of environment APIs.
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65 days 32:18
An introduction to Duet AI in Google Cloud
Join this session to discover how Duet AI in Google Cloud, an AI-powered collaborator, can boost your team’s productivity and expertise in the cloud domain.
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65 days 43:03
Building fast, scalable, and reliable apps with Firebase and Cloud Run
Firebase and Cloud Run are a powerful combination for delivering fast, scalable, and reliable full-stack web or mobile apps.
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65 days 39:02
Compute instances optimized to boost your workloads
Check out the latest innovations and additions to Google’s compute families.
65 days 21:57
Performance optimizations for Java applications
Applications aren’t always as performant as we’d like, especially as usage and business grows. There are several well-known optimizations used to address performance issues.
65 days 28:07
Cloud storage infrastructure optimized for your data-intensive workloads
Data lakes are a powerful way to bring together diverse data sources and enable data-driven insights. Google’s Cloud Storage helps you build a data lake that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective.
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