Yellowtechnica | "DIE4U" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 23 Sep 2022, 17:22
Yellowtechnica is making music within a luminous, multi-dimensional, retro dreamscape. Born Derrick Cheung, the artist, producer, and DJ began experimenting with piano as a child and discovered upright and electric bass as a teenager, refining his guitar skills and growing even more consumed with rhythm and groove. As Yellowtechnica, he has built a vast and momentous career spanning fashion, curation and event production to creating hauntingly charged music of his own—his talents lie not only in conjuring sticky melodies with guitars and synths, but in bringing people together to connect through music. “I’m trying to build this world that connects the energy of DJ nightlife with this more indie guitar music world—two parts of me,” he told Noisey.

His new song, “DIE4U,” is full of winding, atmospheric synths and dark, explosive energetic shifts. He strung the track together gracefully, traveling across a spectrum of synthesizers and layering complicated, dreamy vocals. The “DIE4U” music video, directed by Justin Morris, plants him in a timeless motion picture scene of a cowboy on a smokey, hypnotic journey, singing the lyrics to the forlorn track—a concept based on a vision of “backyard wrestling meets rodeo”, he said. “I think visually, Justin wanted to play with the idea of the calm at the beginning of the song, and the interlude in the middle and then the utter chaos at the end.”

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Starring Yellowtechnica
Director - Justin Morris
Director/Producer - Nicholas Woytuk
Director of Photography - Soren Nielson
1st AC - Alice Boucherie
Stylist - Chantelle Thach
Hair + Makeup - Marta Mario
BTS Photography - Enmi Yang
Photography - Matthew Yoscary
Production - Alex Lianopoulos
Color - Ayumi Ashley

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