Leaking Radiator or Broken Cooling Fan in Your Car or Truck? Why You Should Replace Both Together

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Published on 21 Sep 2022, 21:01
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Do you have a leaking radiator, or a broken cooling fan in your car or truck? When you are replacing the radiator already, it makes sense to replace the cooling fan at the same time, especially when it is an electronic fan! The fan is an integral part of the cooling system that ensures enough air is passing through the radiator at all times. In this video, Sue explains why it makes no sense to put back an old fan that might be wearing out, when you already have to remove it to replace a radiator!

0:00 Leaking Radiator or Broken Cooling Fan in Your Car or Truck? Why You Should Replace Both Together
0:58 Make sure to get all the infomration before jumping to a conclusio
2:21 Different radiator scenaiors with real radiators!
4:00 How you can inspect the fan without running the car or truck
5:16 In many vehicles, you can check coolant temperature with a scan gauge to know when the fan should go on
6:25 More signs of a radiator or fan problem
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🔧 List of tools used:
• Complete Metric Socket Set 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00043
• Hose Clamp Pliers 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00076
• Hose Pliers
• Needle nose pliers 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00051
• Needle nose pliers 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00052
• Pliers
• Ratchet 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00016
• Drain Pan 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00320
• Floor Jack 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00068
• Jack Stands 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00065

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