New Porsche 911 'R' - Turbo S engine, RWD & manual! 🀯

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Published on 20 Jul 2022, 7:33
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This is the Porsche 911 Sport Classic, and it just might be the best 911 of all time!

You see, this is no ordinary 911. It’s limited to 1,250 models, and it includes a whole host of classic features from different 911 series and included them in this car for the modern age.

So, what have they done? Starting with the exterior, you’ll find a big stripe up the bonnet to help it stand out from any other 911. It also comes with a double bubble roof, a unique alloy design and some big decals down the side. At the rear, you’ll find some gold Porsche badging, and our personal favourite feature - a ducktail spoiler! That’s right, this is the only new 911 on sale to come with a ducktail!

On the inside, the design is largely based on 911 interiors from yesteryear, whether it be the pattern on the seats or the green lights you’ll find in the dials. Although it looks great, it’s worth noting you can get the same features when speccing up your own new 911, so unfortunately it’s not all that exclusive.

And finally, let’s look at the performance! At the rear, you’ll find the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine as found in the current 911 Turbo S. However, the output has been tuned down to 550hp and 600Nm. This is because the 911 Sport Classic is only available as a manual, and only available with rear-wheel drive!

So it all sounds pretty impressive, right? Here’s the thing, though… It’ll set you back at least £214,400!! So is it worth it? There’s only one way to find out… Join Mat for this all-new in-depth review!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Engine
01:33 Brakes
02:06 Chassis
02:32 Twisty Road Driving
06:53 Exterior Design
09:03 Interior
10:02 Back Seats
10:23 5 Annoying Things
12:55 5 Good Things
14:37 Town Driving
16:08 Motorway Driving
18:06 0-60mph
19:00 Verdict

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