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Published on 13 Sep 2022, 12:00
Even if you only consider the Porsche 911 segment of the restomod market, there is still a fascinating variety in the approaches taken to create something special. For example, both Gunther Werks (based in sunny California) and Paul Stephens Autoart (based in occasionally sunny Essex) use the last of the air-cooled 911s, the 993, as the basis for their creations. But place the end results next to each other and they could hardly be more different.
The West Coast car is almost cartoonish with its fantastically big arches and monster wheels. Meanwhile, most people would walk past the narrow-bodied Autoart 993R without realising the money and time that had been poured into it. Both, however, have their attractions.
The customer behind the 993R simply requested a 993 that had been improved by 25 per cent in every area and the result is certainly compelling when you drive it. With 330bhp from a 3.8-litre flat-six pushing around just 1220kg, there is more than adequate performance. But despite being lighter and more potent than a factory 993 RS, this 993R still feels nicely useable. Yes there are fixed-back Recaro Pole Position bucket seats and the windows have to be wound up and down manually, but it doesn’t feel race car raw.
Despite this particular car being a development prototype, it also felt incredibly well put together and dynamically impressively resolved. You might think it should be, being a Porsche, but that is to miss the fact that it has been completely stripped, with no bit of the body left untouched and every panel replaced in the interior. The end result is certainly at the subtle end of the 911 restomod spectrum, but as you can see from the video, it is perhaps all the more appealing for that, with lots for the Porsche aficionado to appreciate.

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