The 2023 Toyota Corolla GR RUINED the Hot Hatch Market (Seriously)

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Published on 14 Sep 2022, 22:03
The Toyota Corolla GR is FINALLY HERE! Possibly the most hyped up car of the year is a 100% Toyota built hot hatch that has big promises. With all wheel drive, 300HP, and so much more to offer - the GR Corolla is almost in a league of its own with no Ford Focus RS, Mitsubishi Evo, or Subaru STI to challenge it in the market. So was it worth all the hype? Let's for a drive and find out.
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0:00 Epic hot boi intro
2:00 So..why is it special?
2:50 the price actually is good for once
3:27 The GR-Four AWD system is brilliant
4:00 My first acceleration
4:12 The aftermarket will be amazing
4:37 it doesn't sound awful somehow
5:00 What's it like on track?
5:50 Pushing the GR to its steering limit
6:07 The internet literally lost their mind
6:31The competitors might be in trouble
7:02 Price differences
7:51 Does the power split make a difference?
8:55 Interior
9:37 How's the Manual transmission?
10:20 you have plenty of options
11:21 It's almost three different cars in one
12:15 the car is lightning in a bottle
13:04 Final chapter