Frame Swap Time! Stripping down the C10 Parts Truck! GMC C1000 Restomod Ep. 2

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Published on 24 Sep 2022, 14:00
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In today's video, we kick off the '62 GMC restomod build that I've been in the midst of planning for the past several months. It's going to be a unique build that's going to utilize mostly factory GM parts when it comes to the chassis, powertrain and driveline. The goal is to build a truck that's easily serviceable, reliable, fun to drive and comfortable to drive on a daily basis. The core of this build will start by taking two old GM vehicles that were destined for the scrap yard and repurpose as much of them as possible to limit cost and give the '62 a significant dose of modernizing. If you haven't already, subscribe today to follow the progress! Thanks for watching!

Official intro video to the GMC build:

Revival video on our 2004 Escalade parts truck:

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