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27 Jan 2009
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Garage Door Insulation Results! #homeimprovement
*Sponsored Video* I recently installed insulation on my garage doors and was impressed with the results.
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Oil Change Tips #vehiclemaintenance
*Sponsored Video* Here are some tips that can help you with your next DIY oil change and a way to make it more environmentally friendly by using Havoline’s new oil packaging.
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Milwaukee 3/8” Insider Giveaway! #ericthecarguy
All you need to do is sign up at to be eligible for the tool giveaway. Premium Membership NOT required. I will pick the winner on Thursday and announce them on Friday. Good luck!
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It’s Time For AAPEX!
Join me on my journey to AAPEX to learn more about the products you use to upgrade and repair your vehicles. More info: @AAPEXShow
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Save Your Engine With Fogging Oil #enginemaintenance
*Sponsored Video* If you are going to store an engine for an extended period of time, fogging oil can help preserve it and keep the internals from corroding.
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Check Out Aapex
Join me on my journey to AAPEX to learn more about the products you use to upgrade and repair your vehicles. More info: @AAPEXShow
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P1456 Fix #ericthecarguy
A P1456 code is a small evaporative emissions leak that has been detected in the fuel tank side of the system.
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A Mechanics Guide To Maintaining Your SUV
In my experience as a mechanic, SUV maintenance is something that is often not considered when purchasing an SUV.
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The Integra GSR Gets New Brakes
TRQ has a variety of brake pads for your vehicle. In this video I installed their ‘performance’ brakes with drilled and slotted rotors.
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How To Solder To Metal #ericthecarguy
I asked social media for suggestions on how to deal with this broken electrical connection on the right reverse light on my 2000 Integra Type R.
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Jet-Hot is Awesome! #Jet-HotHighPerformance
I sent the headers and Y pipe for my dads truck, a 1990 C1500 Sport, to get coated by Jet-Hot. What I got back is what you see in the video, and I think it’s awesome.
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83 days 8:39
A Mechanics Guide To Maintaining Your Truck
This video gives you tips and tricks on how to make your truck last a long time and run at peak efficiency. It may also help you avoid costly repairs and increase fuel economy.
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90 days 7:30
A Mechanics Guide To Maintaining Your Car
In this video I provide tips and insight into maintaining your car. This will not only make your car last longer, but it will be more efficient and use less fuel as well.
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Tuning Dads Truck #Shorts
I’ve been dialing in Dads Truck for the past couple of days. It has an Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 MPFI system where I can adjust timing and fuel. The main indicator I’ve been chasing is intake vacuum.
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The Road To Aapex #Aapex23
How do the auto parts you buy get to the parts store? Often the journey begins at AAPEX.
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96 days 26:34
Misfire Diagnosis with Sue from 1A Auto!
In this video Sue, from 1A Auto, and I show you how to diagnose and repair a misfire condition on a Toyota 4Runner.
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What Is Aapex?
Join me on my journey to AAPEX to learn more about the products you use to upgrade and repair your vehicles. AAPEX happens from October 31-November 2 2023.
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104 days 15:46
When It’s Time To Buy a New Car, Or Not Buy it at All
In this video I go over the things that will make a vehicle unroadworthy, or no longer worth investing into. It will also apply to a potential purchase if you’re considering buying a used vehicle.
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What’s Leaking From My Car?
In this video I give you tips on how to identify what is leaking from your vehicle. It’s an easy technique with an everyday item.
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Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer
*Sponsored Video* The plastic panels on my 2005 Honda Element were showing their age. I used Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer on the plastic panels and was very happy with the result.
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It Took Days To Do This
*Sponsored Video* When I got my 2003 Honda Pilot it was in pretty bad shape, and it smelled.
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122 days 5:13
5 Things You MUST Do When Installing an Automatic Transmission
When installing a new or remanufactured automatic transmission there are some things you must do to ensure the transmission lasts and will stay in warranty.
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Chemical Guys Foaming Car Wash System
*Sponsored Video* In this video I try out the Chemical Guys Foaming Car Wash System, wash mitt, and their Mr. Pink Foaming car wash.
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Waterless Car Wash on Sale Now
*Sponsored Content* In this video I show how I wash my vehicles without water. Yes, I do wash them from time to time.
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More Grip with a Limited Slip Differential
I decided to upgrade the differential in my 2000 Integra Type R. I ended up with a Wavetrac unit that I really love.
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Hidden Horsepower #shorts
This video was taken from a longer video about rebuilding a Honda B series transmission and installing a new Limited Slip Differential.
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What’s Inside a Helical Limited Slip Differential?
In this video I disassemble a helical, or Torsen, limited slip differential out of a 2000 Acura Integra Type R.
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244 days 8:58
2001 Integra GSR Gets Upgraded (Timelapse)
I gave this car to my son earlier this year (2023). He wanted to do some upgrades so that he could autocross as well as daily drive the car.
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259 days 1:01
EricTheCarGuy Shop Update March 2023
This video is the ‘quick’ update. For more detailed info, check out this video. ETCG1 Shop Update March 2023 (Details): Thank you for watching!
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29.07.22 1:59
Easy Upgrade For Honda Manual Transmission
After almost 200,000 miles the shifter on my Honda Element was getting sloppy.
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