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27 Jan 2009
184 days 1:59
Easy Upgrade For Honda Manual Transmission
After almost 200,000 miles the shifter on my Honda Element was getting sloppy.
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191 day 3:48
Painting Calipers for Extra Horsepower
No, painting your brake calipers will not give you extra horsepower, but they might make you feel faster. This is a short video about painting brake calipers.
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191 day 1:40
Easy Wheel Bearing Replacement
Here is a short video showing how to easily replace a front wheel bearing without a press or slide hammer. In my view, this is the easiest way to replace a wheel bearing.
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302 days 5:32
Leaving the Shop for the Last Time
After several months of stress and anxiety over my shop situation, the move is finally complete. My tools and remaining equipment are safely in storage, and I’m ready for a break.
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312 days 3:31
Which Sealer Would You Choose For This Transmission?
**Video Sponsored by LOCTITE® with great information.** In this video I introduce you to 3 different types of sealants from LOCTITE, LOCTITE 5699, LOCTITE 598, and LOCTITE 518.
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314 days 13:10
Second Chance Shop Sale/Giveaway
I had a TON of responses to my last video where I gave away my heavy shop equipment. If you missed that video, it’s linked below.
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333 days 9:11
Everything Must Go!
I’m sad to say that I need to move out of my shop and put my tools and some of my equipment into storage.
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352 days 21:47
Delayed Shifting, Honda Transmission
My daughters 2003 Honda Element developed a delayed shift going into 3rd gear. The problem was intermittent.
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361 day 3:42
Loctite Hy4070 Adhesive
**Video Sponsored by LOCTITE® with great information.** Fixing broken things sometimes requires an adhesive. I’ve found LOCTITE’s HY4070 Adhesive to work very well for repairing all kinds of things.
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28.01.22 30:14
How To Install Fog Lights Honda Pilot
This video shows you how to install a factory style fog light kit in a 2003 Honda Pilot which involves cutting part of the front bumper out.
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21.01.22 23:36
The ‘Right’ Way To Install a Transmission Cooler
The transmission cooler that was installed on my 2003 Honda Pilot was about to cause damage to my AC condenser.
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14.01.22 19:54
Acura TL Dies On the Road
In this video I walk you through the diagnosis and repair of a 2008 Acura TL that died while driving on the highway. It has a J32 Honda V6.
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07.01.22 34:45
Honda Pilot Gets a New Life at 200K
This video is (Part 5) of the video series where I rebuild the front suspension and powertrain on a 2003 Honda Pilot.
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31.12.21 41:17
Honda Pilot Timing Belt and Engine Service
This video is (Part 4) of a series in which I completely rebuild a 2003 Honda Pilot in preparation for adding a supercharger.
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24.12.21 48:47
Honda Pilot Transmission Replacement
This video is (part 3) of a series where I completely rebuild a 2003 Honda Pilot to prepare it for a supercharger installation.
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17.12.21 38:57
Front Suspension Rebuild Honda Pilot
This video is (Part 2) of a series I’m doing with my 2003 Honda Pilot. This series covers the reconditioning of the front suspension, engine, transmission, and subframe on this vehicle.
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10.12.21 49:47
2003 Honda Pilot Powertrain Removal
In this video, (Part 1) of a series, I show you how to remove the engine, transmission, and front subframe from a first generation Honda Pilot.
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26.11.21 24:08
How To Build a Subframe Platform for Easy Engine/Transmission Removal
I recently replaced an engine on a 2005 Honda Odyssey. I lowered the subframe with the engine and transmission onto jack stands and it worked pretty good.
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19.11.21 54:56
ASMR Brake Service
This ASMR video covers a complete 4 wheel brake job, and brake hose replacement on a 2005 Honda Element. There is no dialog.
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12.11.21 6:37
Cracked Exhaust Manifold Repair
In this video I show you the techniques for repairing a cracked exhaust manifold on your vehicle. Replacing these manifolds can be expensive, repairing them can save you a lot of money.
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05.11.21 1:00:03
Honda Civic Head Gasket Replacement 1.7L
This video shows you all the steps needed, and provides torque specs, to replace the head gasket on a 1.7L Honda engine.
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29.10.21 27:58
How To Test and Replace Thrust Bearings
This 2005 Honda Civic with a 1.7L engine has had oil leaks for some time. In this video I show you how I tested the thrust bearing clearance as well as the replacement of the thrust bearings.
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22.10.21 24:38
Honda Pilot Rear Bumper Replacement
If you have an older Honda in the rust belt, you should probably check the condition of the rear bumper. I’d wager it’s pretty rusted.
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15.10.21 46:04
Honda Pilot Complete Rear Suspension Rebuild (Part 2)
This is the conclusion to the rear suspension rebuild on a first generation Honda Pilot.
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13.10.21 5:12
Gearwrench Indexing Pry Bars
**Sponsored Video**with great information. I LOVE my set of Indexing Pry Bars from GEARWRENCH. As far as I know, there is nothing else like them out there.
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08.10.21 28:58
Honda Pilot Complete Rear Suspension Rebuild (Part 1)
This video covers the complete rear suspension rebuild on a first generation Honda Pilot (’03-’08-some of this info also works for later models).
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01.10.21 5:10
Bodywork Without Welding
I was working on my very rusty 2003 Honda Pilot when I found a big hole in one of the inner rear panels. The location of the hole meant I wasn’t going to be able to use my welder for the fix.
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29.09.21 2:32
LOCTITE® Sticks- These Things Are Awesome!
**Sponsored Video with great information!** I recently started using LOCTITE® Sticks for thread treatment instead of the traditional liquid LOCTITE® delivery method out of the bottle.
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24.09.21 24:59
How To Repair Structural Rust Damage
Every situation is unique when it comes to rust and structural repairs like this. Consider this video a basic guide to structural body repairs, and nothing more.
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17.09.21 15:08
Honda Element Power Window Diagnosis and Repair
The passenger window on my daughters Honda Element stopped working one morning. In this video I show you how I diagnosed and repaired this problem.
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