Is this best new car? Honda Civic review

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The best looking car of the year!
Published on 27 Sep 2022, 11:23
This is the all-new Honda Civic!

The previous edition of the Civic was one of the most popular & recognisable family cars on the road. The question is, does the all-new edition offer enough to sway you away from a different family hatchback?

Well, let’s see what’s on offer. In terms of the design, it’s markedly different to the previous model, with a swooping tailgate around the rear through to an updated front with LED headlights and a new grille.

On the inside, you’ll be treated to a simple but well-laid-out dash. There are good quality materials throughout most of the cabin, along with physical dials to make it easy to manage climate controls. The infotainment has also been updated, although it’s pretty middle of the road. Thankfully though, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard!

Considering it’s a family hatchback, it’s still not the cheapest. The entry-level edition starts at just under £30,000! But does it offer enough for you to still choose it over the competition? You’ll have to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

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Mat’s Honda Civic Choice: