Ford Swapping My K-Swapped Mazda RX7 - Episode 2

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Published on 18 Mar 2023, 13:00
We continue to wait for parts to arrive from shipping, so we do lots of other misc mods that are well overdue!

Filmed By:
Ben Thorn
Tevin James
Edited By:
Preston James

Thanks to Valvoline for sponsoring this series #sponsored

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00:00 - Let's put the Ford Diff in!
03:08 - But first, we take the subframe out
03:44 - Remove the Catch Can
04:41 - New Intake Manifold
09:58 - We're still waiting for parts
12:20 - We got some parts! But they're not the ones we need
13:39 - New Valve cover, who dis?
17:59 - If UPS doesn't deliver my parts I'm going to lose my mind
19:42 - Wanna build a snowman?
20:44 - Okay, Bye.
05:19 - Engine Goes In