Is a Supercharger Worth It? | Dinan BMW M3 S3-R

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Published on 27 Jul 2022, 16:00
What happens when you bolt a supercharger and a bunch of suspension parts to an E46 M3?

You get the Dinan S3-R. Based on the E46 M3 (a 2004, in this case), the S3-R package included every part Dinan made for your M3. From engine to brakes, suspension to wheels, they fitted everything to it, bringing the power level up to Corvette and 911 Turbo numbers. So how does it feel to drive?

For decades, the biggest name in the U.S. for BMW modifications was Dinan Cars. Led by Steve Dinan, Dinan Cars built everything, from little bump stops to six-figure racing engines. Their main business was developing and selling parts to the everyday enthusiast. Strut tower braces, suspension kits, brakes, engine mods, and even wheels.

NOTE: I said the RS4 only came in automatic. I was wrong, and dumb, because I drove an RS4 in 2010 that had.....3 pedals.

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