This is the BEST affordable electric car | MG ZS EV review

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Published on 6 Sep 2022, 16:07
MG has transformed the ZS into a real contender - allow us to explain in this review.

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It is no secret that SUVs and crossovers have seen massive sales growth in the UK in recent years. This means that, irrespective of whether electric, petrol or diesel is being used to power a vehicle down the road, there are no shortage of rivals for a small SUV like the MG ZS.

Things are slightly less crowded for battery-powered SUVs, especially more affordable options such as the MG ZS EV, but even this sub-sector is filling up fast.

Manufacturing costs remain high for electric vehicles, so few makers are able to offer prices anywhere near those of petrol or diesel equivalents. Despite this, MG has managed to deliver a pure electric SUV at a very attractive price which is ultimately its main weapon in attracting buyers - in fact, it's our 2022 Affordable Electric Car of the Year.

The MG ZS has had a relatively short life so far, as an SUV that is. MG previously sold a ZS saloon and family hatchback based on the Rover 45 up until 2005, when the remaining assets of MG Rover moved into Chinese ownership. When the ZS was reborn in 2017 it returned as a petrol SUV that showed how the new MG brand was making strides in upping the quality of its cars. Even so, the ZS remained a budget option let down by relatively poor fuel economy. The MG ZS EV addressed this by swapping the petrol motor for an EV powertrain. As Nicola Hume finds out in this review, the switch to electric has given the ZS a new lease of life.

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