What's the Difference Between Struts and Strut Assemblies? Which Should I Buy for My Car or Truck?

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Published on 17 Sep 2022, 20:01
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Do you know the difference between struts and strut assemblies? Which one do you need for your car or truck, which is easier to get installed? In this video, Len discusses the differences between struts and complete strut assemblies, and how you can save a lot of time and headache with one over the other! Check out the video to find out!

🔧 List of tools used:
• Complete Metric Socket Set 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00043
• Strut Spring Compression Tool
• Ratchet 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00016
• Floor Jack 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00068
• Jack Stands 1aau.to/oa/1AXAA00065

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