Jason Patton: Not All Emergencies Set Off Alarms

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Published on 21 Sep 2022, 15:01
Firefighters PJ and Russ are cleaning their truck when PJ, who is visibly dragging, says he’s been exhausted for weeks and he doesn’t know why. Russ is sick of PJ complaining. Instead of getting checked out for chronic exhaustion, PJ just keeps talking about it.

Jason Patton of Fire Department Chronicles breaks through the wall of the station and lets them know that subtle health changes (in this case, exhaustion) that don’t go away after two weeks or so can be an early sign of cancer, and ignoring health changes for months is a sign you’re not being very smart.

1A Auto empowers you to do your own car repairs. Response Time Matters, while created for firefighters, can empower ANYONE to take control of their own health. Check it out. It could save a life (like your own).


1A Auto is proud to announce the launch of Response Time Matters, DetecTogether ’s health campaign for firefighters. As longtime supporters of DetecTogether’s education, we are honored to serve as the campaign’s Champion Sponsor, leading the coalition to reduce cancer death in the fire service.

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