Mercedes C-Class review: has it BECOME the E-Class?

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Published on 27 Sep 2022, 16:07
The Mercedes C-Class is bigger than ever, but can it fill the role of an E-Class?

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Over recent years, the popularity of traditional petrol and diesel saloon cars like the Mercedes C-Class has been on the wane. High-riding SUVs continue to capture the hearts of buyers, and it’s a trend that hasn’t been lost on Mercedes, because it has redoubled its efforts with the latest C-Class to deliver improvements across key areas to help it stay competitive. Exterior styling, on-board tech, ride and comfort have all been thoroughly revised, while the most appealing update for cost-conscious buyers will be the introduction of new mild and plug-in hybrid models.

It also offers a sharp new look that's heavily inspired by its E-Class sibling, and it's a bigger car than the model that preceded it. Given its prowess, we wondered if the C-Class now has enough style, space and tech to play the role of the E-Class that sits above it in the Mercedes line up. Nicola Hume finds out in this in-depth review.

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