The Taycan Cross Turismo is confused GENIUS: review

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Published on 24 Jan 2023, 17:07
The Taycan Cross Turismo doesn't make much sense, until you drive it...

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The Porsche Taycan is already one of the most accomplished EVs on the market, but to broaden the appeal of Porsche's first electric car, a rugged estate version has joined the saloon in the range. It's called the Cross Turismo, and it aims to offer more versatility than the base car while maintaining its beautifully engineered feel. Over the past few months, the Auto Express team has been living with a Cross Turismo to find out if it's the model to have.

The Cross Turismo is distinguished by its additional body cladding and shooting brake body which, just as in the Panamera Sport Turismo, features an extended roofline to boost practicality. Porsche states that rear-seat passengers get an extra 47mm of headroom over the standard car, so anyone approaching six foot will appreciate the difference. Legroom hasn’t improved though, and despite the cute-sounding “foot garages” created by minimising the battery pack in this area of the car’s floor, it’s still tight if you’re long-legged.

Given that the Cross Turismo aims to blend sharp dynamics, practicality and off-road ability in a single package, it shouldn't really excel in any of those departments. And yet, as Nicola Hume finds out, it does exactly that.

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