What’s New with AWS – Week of February 08, 2021

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Published on 8 Feb 2021, 17:00
In this new episode, join Jeff Barr to learn what's new with Amazon S3 now supports AWS PrivateLink, S3 batch operations, Amazon Macie. For the slate of recent launches, check out our "What's New" page at - amzn.to/3rlDAu0

Learn more:
AWS PrivateLink – amzn.to/3pZMZYg
Amazon S3 now supports AWS PrivateLink – amzn.to/3aBdkoQ
Amazon S3 Batch Operations – amzn.to/3ttBJoZ
Amazon S3 Batch Operations adds support for Delete Object Tagging - amzn.to/3rodLK0
Amazon Macie - amzn.to/3jkYJSx

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