Nokourban Vs Nokotempo - E-Bike Made In Italy - Best E-Bike 2023!

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Published on 19 Apr 2023, 17:06
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New italian brand with customizable e-bikes, made in Italy and eco- friendly.
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NOKO is proud to be a Made in Italy e-bike: from design to production and final assembly; all the phases that lead to the final product are carried through their departments in Italy, according to very strict quality controls.

For NOKO quality comes first, and for this reason, they have chosen the best top-branded bike components available for cycling racing. FSA, Vision, Sram, and Veer are just some of NOKOs key partners.

NOKO e-bikes require less exertion, offer greater safety, deliver longer usage between charges, and present a modern, clean aesthetic, setting NOKO apart from the competitors. NOKO is dedicated to the individual customer in an exclusive way, taking care of every request from the smallest detail, before, during, and after the purchase. Customers can reach the NOKO team not just by email, but also by phone, social media, and WhatsApp, available during working hours.
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