The Level1 Show April 21 2023: New York's Goodest

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Published on 21 Apr 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:31 - Sal Khan explains why GPT-4 is ready to be a tutor
1:58 - A.I. Pop Culture Is Already Here
3:17 - OpenAI to offer remedies to resolve Italy's ChatGPT ban
4:28 - AI Developers Stymied by Server Shortage at AWS, Microsoft, Google
5:09 - Anthropic’s $5B, 4-year plan to take on OpenAI
5:47 - China's Didi Global to roll out self-developed robotaxis by 2025
6:16 - S.F.’s Cruise recalls software on self-driving taxis
6:50 - Driverless bus service to start in Scotland in 'world first'
8:08 - The NYPD is bringing back its robot dog
9:33 - Walmart warehouse automation powers higher profits
12:15 - Scientists unveil new and improved 'skinny donut' black hole image
12:58 - Hubble Sees Possible Runaway Black Hole Creating a Trail of Stars
14:00 - The Juice mission will soon launch to Jupiter's icy ocean worlds
15:20 - Inside the 3D-printed box in Texas where humans will prepare for Mars
16:41 - NASA Reveals What Made an Entire Starlink Satellite Fleet Go Down
17:22 - This new AI-powered computer model can predict dangerous solar storms
18:33 - Webb telescope takes striking image of planet Uranus
19:09 - American IQ Scores Rapidly Decline: What Is Reverse Flynn Effect?
20:23 - Cancer and heart disease vaccines ‘ready by end of the decade’
21:35 - Indiana police will no longer be able to lie to children to gain confessions
22:08 - U.S. urges meat companies to ensure they don't use child labor
24:29 - Missouri House gives initial approval to $45.6 billion state budget that defunds libraries
25:40 - Arizona Supreme Court Finds the Mormon Church Can Conceal Crimes Against Children Because of Clergy Privilege
27:41 - Family wants answers after man ‘eaten alive’ by bed bugs in county jail, attorney says
29:35 - North Dakota senators vote to boost their own meal reimbursements after rejecting free school lunch bill
31:07 - Texas county weighs shutting down libraries to circumvent judge's order overturning book ban
32:27 - Philly Sheriff Rochelle Bilal used money meant to hire deputies for executives raises, tried to double her salary to $285K
33:50 - Hong Kong police arrest 2 men accused of soaking officers during Songkran water celebration
34:56 - ‘No Yelling, No Phones’: Florida Teacher Accused of Organizing Middle School Fight Club
36:03 - Cow Urine Not Fit For Human Consumption, Says Top Animal Research Body
37:13 - Truck carrying toxic soil from East Palestine, Ohio train derailment site overturns in Columbiana County
38:03 - Hollister residents calling for the removal of a sculpture that resembles a 'phallic symbol'
39:26 - Super Mario Bros. Becomes Highest Animated Box Office Opening
40:23 - Magnus Carlsen loses thanks to dramatic mouse slip in last competition as world champion
41:13 - Arnold Schwarzenegger posts video filling in 'giant pothole' in L.A. — but city says it was actually a service trench
42:08 - Fox News under fire for ‘credibility problem’ over late disclosure of Murdoch role
42:53 - 'Fyre Festival II' is 'finally happening', says convicted fraudster Billy McFarland
44:07 - Festival goers planning to use more drugs to save costs on food, drinks
45:06 - Ye only fed students sushi at Donda Academy, had no classes on 2nd floor because he was ‘afraid of stairs,’ suit says
46:22 - Bodyguard musical shut down because fans wouldn't stop singing along
48:10 - Starbucks Customers Complain About Stomach Issues from Olive Oil-Infused Coffee
49:30 - Multiple people shot following funeral for homicide victim in Northeast DC
50:16 - Man disguises himself as Walmart employee in attempt to flee from police
51:04 - Woman, 78, accused of 3rd bank heist: ‘I didn’t mean to scare you’
51:47 - 18,000 cows killed in dairy farm fire in Dimmitt, Texas
53:18 - Shaken-up bees forgo life's pleasures
54:36 - NYC appoints first 'rat czar' to tackle rodent problem
55:22 - Alcoholic Dog Who Got Addicted to Drinks Left Out by Owner Now Sober
57:31 - Fungal disease decimating frogs may be more widespread than suspected
58:14 - Germany: 'Uncooperative' squirrel freed from manhole cover
59:41 - Black bear crashes Easter egg hunt, eats all the candy
1:00:54 - Moose feasts on lobby plants in Alaska hospital building


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