The Level1 Show October 18 2023: YouthTube

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Published on 18 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Qualcomm will try to have its Apple Silicon moment in PCs with “Snapdragon X”
1:47 - Samsung earnings preview Q3 2023: Chip losses weigh on profit
2:25 - RISC-V group says restrictions on open technology would slow innovation
2:45 - Europe's First Exascale Supercomputer Will Run on ARM Instead of x86
3:28 - Lenovo to offer Android PCs, starting with an all-in-one
4:20 - ChatGPT-owner OpenAI is exploring making its own AI chips
5:10 - Samsung Blocks Gray Market Cell Phones In Mexico
6:23 - New Starlink webpage highlights upcoming 'Direct to Cell' service
7:55 - Vermont Utility Plans to End Outages by Giving Customers Batteries
9:13 - Atari is releasing a new cartridge for its 46-year-old 2600 console
9:51 - Comcast starts squeezing 2 Gbps symmetrical internet speeds through decades-old coaxial cables
10:50 - John Riccitiello steps down as CEO of Unity after pricing battle
11:36 - YouTube TV, which costs $73 a month, agrees to end “$600 less than cable” ads
12:34 - YouTube passes Netflix as top video source for teens
14:15 - Microsoft Walks Back OneDrive Photo Limits After Backlash
14:51 - Windows 11 installs still dramatically trail Windows 10
15:20 - Microsoft launches new web app store for Windows
15:54 - PlayStation 5 cloud streaming launches this month
16:28 - Valve Says Counter-Strike 2 for macOS Not Happening Because There Aren't Enough Players on Mac to Justify It
17:27 - Deta’s Space OS aims to build the first “personal cloud computer”
18:50 - Zoom Is Launching Its Own Google Docs Competitor
19:51 - Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage
20:17 - Firefox's built-in ‘fake reviews detector’ means trouble for Amazon
21:39 - IRS says Microsoft owes an additional $29 billion in back taxes
22:34 - T-Mobile Is Forcibly Moving People on Older Plans to Some of Its Newer Ones in November
23:36 - Mastodon actually has 407K+ more monthly users than it thought
24:15 - TikTok latest firm after X and Meta to be warned by EU over Hamas videos
25:42 - X now lets you restrict replies to verified accounts only
26:47 - Costco accused of sharing customers' health data with Meta

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