NEW McLaren Artura review: the SENSIBLE supercar?

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Published on 14 Jun 2022, 23:07
Steve Sutcliffe drives the searingly fast McLaren Artura, and finds out that it could use just a little bit more bite...

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The Artura matters for McLaren. A lot. Its new carbon fibre platform and twin-turbo V6 hybrid powertrain will form the basis for pretty much all McLarens for the next decade, so it can’t really afford to put a foot wrong. Hence the reason its original launch was postponed from late last year until now, some eight months later, thereby allowing Ferrari to launch its own V6 hybrid – the 296 GTB – to such acclaim in the meantime.

But that’s how vital the Artura is to McLaren’s future, so the fact that we’ve now driven it in near-production form on its international launch and experienced numerous technical issues with it – some minor, some not – does seem hard to excuse. To be blunt, for all its speed, drama and dynamic capability, we’re not sure it should be on sale just yet, not until there’s clear evidence that the technical issues it continues to suffer from have been resolved. This is not a nice thing to say about any new car, let alone one on which the future of a British car company is so obviously hinged. Nevertheless, we sent Steve Sutcliffe to find out what the new Artura is like on both road and track in this full review.

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