Widebody RX7 T78 Turbo + HKS Dogbox | OS88 Sequential Soarer | RHD Turbo FC RX7 (JDM LEGENDS)

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Published on 1 Sep 2022, 23:54
On this episode we're back with Danny from RMC Miami and his amazing collection of JDM rides! Last episode we featured the "war machine" Porsche 993 Turbo "GT2" EVO and that was one of the coolest Porsche experiences we've ever had. This time we dive into the JDM side of their collection including a widebody 13b rotary RX7 full time attack build running a T78 turbo and HKS Dogbox transmission. An OS88 sequential Toyota Soarer, time attack turbo FC RX7, Nissan R32 and R33 GTR, and more!

0:00 Cinematic Intro
1:18 OS88 Sequential Soarer
1:40 RHD NSX
3:30 Soarer start up and drive
6:20 Time Attack FD RX7 T78 HKS Dogbox
12:35 Special JDM daily driver
13:51 Time Attack FD RX7 Ridealong
19:18 RHD Turbo FC RX7
22:15 2.7L RB26 Nissan R32
24:25 600HP R33 GTR
26:00 1000HP 2JZ Datsun
27:52 9000RPM Miata Track build
29:02 JDM Legends Cinematic

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