Every Skoda Vrs Drag Race

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New Audi RS Pick-up Truck! 🀯
Published on 25 Jan 2023, 14:10
Skoda fans, this one’s for you!

We’ve got our hands on every generation of Skoda vRS, and they’re all about to go head-to-head in a drag race! That's right, we've got two Fabias, four Octavias, one Kodiaq and one Enyaq for the ultimate Skoda showdown!

We’ve got 8 cars in this line-up, with the most powerful being the new Enyaq vRS. With dual electric motors, this all-electric SUV can produce 299hp and 460Nm. It’s also the heaviest car here, mind, weighing in at 2,178kg.

In contrast, we have Mat in the least powerful car, the Mk1 Fabia vRS. With a 1.9-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel under the bonnet, this mini Fabia can put down 130hp and 310Nm. It’s also pretty light, tipping the scales at 1,315kg.

So how will this play out - will the most powerful Enyaq win it? Or could a Fabia, Octavia or Kodiaq snatch it? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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