Electric Hand Planer #Shorts

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Published on 23 Feb 2022, 15:00
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TOPSHAK TS-EP2 900W 7.5-Amp Electric Corded Hand Planer 3-1/8-Inch Woodworking Cutting Machine

Main Features:
● 7.5-Amp High Efficiency Motor
Generates up to 14,500rpm for fast stock removal and smooth finishes.

● Precise and Smooth Processing
Adjust planing width and precise positioning with the parallel guide.

● Dual Side Dust Outlet
Ejects shavings on left or right side to accommodate your preference.

● Keep Clean and Sawdust Free
Connecting Dust Bag and connecting vacuum cleaner.

● All-Mirror Aluminum Bottom
Enhance flatness of your workpiece.

● 3 V-shaped Grooves
Design angled chamfer along the edges of wood in different sizes.

● Spring Bracket for Protection
Elevate planer and protect blade and tool resting spot.

● Left and Right Lock-on Button
Help operate from either side and avoid accidental starts.

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