L1 Deep Dive: The Marketing of The Rings of Power

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Published on 29 Jul 2022, 20:35
OR: An Obsessive Hyper-Focused Look at Something Most People Will Not Notice Or Care About: A Memoir, by Me.

Summary: Hey all, my name is Krista and I'm a professional designer and a major fan of the works of #jrrtolkien. As most of you may have heard, Amazon has recently greenlit a new television show based around the Second Age of Tolkien's Middle Earth, called #theringsofpower. The show isn't out yet, but we're starting to get trickles of promotional material now; and as someone who works in the design and advertising industry, I've been more than a little puzzled by the show's marketing strategy over the last few months. This video is my attempt to recap the pieces we've seen in 2022 (barring some that were released post-recording) and the online reactions to them, along with my own exploration of how I might approach marketing this project.

Please forgive my incredible ignorance in how I pronounce words in both English and Elvish, I think I managed to mangle even basic pronunciations in a few parts of this video haha.

And finally: This is a reminder to be kind and constructive when discussing the show in the comments. Thanks!

0:00 Brief Introduction
0:46 Out of the Frying Pan
4:04 And Into the Fire
4:57 Title Reveal
6:08 Character Posters
9:27 Teaser Trailer
11:58 Vanity in Vain
15:29 Influencer Campaigns Part 1
17:21 Influencer Campaigns Part 2
23:35 The Choices of Master Amazon
25:16 Change the Release Date
26:35 Market to Your Built-In Audience
29:35 Show Us the Lore!!
31:15 Show Us Some BTS Too!!
32:14 Why Successful Adaptations Matter
34:39 Final Remarks

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