The Level1 Show August 26 2022: The Restaurant at the End of Humanity

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Published on 26 Aug 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:19 - Curiosity Mars rover gets 50 per cent speed boost from software update
1:02 - OK Google, get me a Coke: AI giant demos soda-fetching robots
2:01 - Russia unveils model of proposed space station after leaving ISS
2:38 - Russian Army Expo Shows Off Robot Dog Carrying Rocket Launcher
3:15 - Baidu has China's first permits for fully driverless robotaxi services
4:02 - This San Francisco Restaurant Is Run Entirely By Robots
5:41 - Redwire to launch first commercial space greenhouse in 2023
6:46 - Rocket Lab will self-fund a mission to search for life in the clouds of Venus
7:43 - Eye implant made from pig protein restored sight in 14 blind people
9:38 - Rodolfo Castro's on-field MLB phone flub a relatable moment
10:34 - Old laptop hard drives will allegedly crash when exposed to Janet Jackson music
12:06 - Japan wants young people to drink more alcohol. It's just not sure how to convince them
13:20 - Hidden 'Hunger Stones' Reveal Drought Warnings From The Past
14:54 - Most electric cars are quiet. But Dodge says its future electric muscle car will be super loud
17:19 - Strippers at LA strip club want to join actors' union
18:50 - Kids and teens Mullet Championship finalists are up for online judging
21:08 - Air Force may put Angry Kitten in planes for electronic warfare edge
22:36 - U.S. murder suspect calls cops to complain about cold fries, heads back to jail
24:16 - Monkey at California zoo calls 911: 'monkey see, monkey do'
25:07 - Scott Morrison resists calls to resign after secretly assuming five ministerial roles while Australia PM
27:04 - Romanian central bank hires fortune teller
27:41 - People living in and around a giant treehouse on city property are terrorizing neighbors
28:22 - Human body parts sold on Facebook leads to arrest of Pennsylvania man
30:08 - Vatican’s Exorcists Face Burnout with Huge Numbers of Claimed Possessions
31:10 - Group defends hiring man as period dignity officer
32:54 - Reusable Toilet Cloth Viral Trend Is Making People Cringe, Twitter Wants Another Way to 'Save Earth'
35:04 - Capri Sun wild cherry recall over cleaning solution
36:18 - City tells New Yorkers: don’t panic about ‘splooting’ squirrels
37:14 - Wave of badly written Kindle titles on Pelosi, Taiwan hits Amazon's Kindle platform


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