The Level1 Show October 5 2022: Heroes Never Die, But Games Do

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Published on 5 Oct 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:33 - How to set up Overwatch 2 SMS protection
2:34 - New Overwatch 2 Players Will Need to Play 100 Matches to Unlock Original Characters
4:50 - Intel says Moore's Law is still alive. Nvidia says it's ended.
6:00 - Intel’s 13th-gen “Raptor Lake” CPUs are official, launch October 20
7:52 - Intel and Samsung are getting ready for ‘slidable’ PCs
9:50 - Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone 14 in India
11:07 - Kindle Scribe brings writing to Amazon’s popular e-reader
12:35 - Intel’s Unison app syncs iOS and Android phones with your PC
14:56 - Google is shutting down Stadia in January 2023
19:13 - Google is making it easier to find search results from Reddit and other forums
20:42 - Google Fiber touts 20Gbps download speed in test, promises eventual 100Gbps
21:43 - Podcasters Are Buying Millions of Listeners With Mobile Ads
23:26 - NFT Trading Volume Drops
25:09 - AV1 Update Reduces CPU Encoding Times By Up To 34 Percent
25:51 - Better than JPEG? Researcher discovers that Stable Diffusion can compress images
28:19 - Netflix is building its own game studio
29:20 - Robinhood debuts new non-custodial crypto wallet with Polygon to 10K beta users
30:03 - Cloudflare takes aim at AWS with promise of $1.25 billion to startups that use its own platform
30:47 - An all-electric passenger plane completed its first test flight
32:14 - DocuSign to cut workforce by 9% as part of restructuring plan
32:52 - Exclusive: With eye on Big Tech, energy crisis, EU telcos call for shared network costs
34:17 - Kia plans US EV manufacturing in 2024 as new incentive requirements loom
35:24 - Amazon hires unsafe trucking firms twice as often as peers, WSJ finds
36:59 - Compute North Files for Bankruptcy as Crypto-Mining Data Center Owes up to $500M
40:11 - Fitbit accounts are being replaced by Google accounts
40:59 - Amazon emails staff with news it miscalculated their compensation
41:41 - Walmart arrives on Roblox for the first time with two new virtual worlds to engage young shoppers
44:48 - Wall Street hit with $2 billion in fines over employees using WhatsApp and other unauthorized messaging apps
45:41 - Apple removes Russia’s largest social network from the App Store
46:40 - TikTok inching toward U.S. security deal to avoid sale
47:06 - TikTok plans to ban all political fundraising on its platform
48:13 - Cybersickness Could Spell an Early Death for the Metaverse and Virtual Reality
50:04 - Meta Sued For Tap Dancing Around Apple’s New App Privacy Rules
51:07 - Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will freeze hiring and cut costs
51:47 - Meta cracks down on ad-free Instagram client a day after it launched
55:25 - This Controversial Artist Matches Influencer Photos With Surveillance Footage


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