The Level1 Show October 18 2022: Bloatteries

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Published on 18 Oct 2022, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:54 - FCC poised to ban all U.S. sales of new Huawei and ZTE equipment
2:27 - Biden signs executive order to protect data transfers between US, EU
4:02 - Federal officials traded stocks affected by agency decisions
5:41 - Labor Department proposal could upend rules for gig workers
6:57 - Utility security: So bad DoE offers rate cuts to improve it
8:43 - St. Louis preparing to sue Hyundai and Kia over rampant car thefts in the city
10:58 - FBI: Beware of fake batteries, here's what to watch out for
12:02 - SEC Investigating Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs Over Securities Violations
13:32 - Digital License Plates Become Legal on Cars in California
15:52 - Apple wins 2/3 cut in French antitrust fine to 372 mln euros
16:48 - EU wants to know if Microsoft will block rivals after Activision deal
17:57 - Germany's cybersecurity chief faces dismissal, reports say
18:40 - Households face three-hour blackouts as winter electricity shortage loom
19:30 - Subjecting workers to webcam monitoring violates privacy, Dutch court rules
20:29 - VPN use skyrockets in Iran as citizens navigate internet censorship
21:36 - Musk says SpaceX cannot fund Ukraine's Starlink internet indefinitely
23:07 - Toyota discloses data leak after access key exposed on GitHub
23:36 - Intel Confirms Alder Lake BIOS Source Code Leak
24:21 - Ransomware attack delays patient care at hospitals across the U.S.
25:28 - 2K warns users their info has been stolen following breach of its help desk
26:33 - Android leaks some traffic even when 'Always-on VPN' is enabled
27:44 - Roblox says policing virtual world is like 'shutting down speakeasies'
29:46 - Wi-Fi spy drones used to snoop on financial firm
31:21 - Samsung phones blowing up at pandemic rates, urging return of removable batteries
33:26 - Airline Won't Stop You From Tracking Your Checked Bag After All
34:14 - Hollywood and Netflix Report Top Piracy Threats to US Govt
36:09 - Upcoming Call of Duty has annoying phone number verification requirement
37:26 - Russian-speaking hackers knock multiple US airport websites offline. No impact on operations reported
38:10 - Protests in Iran: State-run live TV hacked by protesters
38:53 - The iPhone 14 keeps calling 911 on rollercoasters


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